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Do you have a passion for writing blogs? Looking for a platform to publish your blogs? We provide you the right platform to post your blog content and add value to our blog page. Indinewz.com offers the greatest opportunity to the writers to realize their dream of becoming well-known bloggers. We understand the efforts of folks when they pour their heart and emotion to craft an informative and engaging blog post. Our editorial team works hard to provide our readers useful and valuable content. If you are interested in writing health-based blogs, then this is the right place for you. We would be pleased to extend our offer to write for us as a guest author. If you can bring changes in people’s lives by sharing your knowledge with a little bit of work, what can be a better thing to do? Just keep one thing in mind, if you writing a blog on health, make sure it adheres to that particular niche and subject. 
If you are choosing a category for health write for us, you can choose topics from various subcategories like fitness, mental health, food recipes, home remedies, fitness, and so on. Make sure the topic you choose to write should belong to these above-mentioned categories. Otherwise, our editorial team will not publish your blog on our website. 

Preferred topics – health + write for us

  • General fitness
  • Weight training
  • Endurance
  • Cross fit
  • Stretching
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Weight loss products and reviews
  • Fitness tips for beginners
  • Home workouts

Things to keep in mind while writing for us –

We, at Indinewz.com, are continuously looking for talented and enthusiastic writers who want to share their thoughts on today’s digitized platform. Do you have the passion to write blogs? If yes, then fill up our contact us form, submit your details such as name, email address, your message, etc. Send your samples to us and our editorial team will get back to you. So, don’t miss the chance of writing and get recognition across the globe through this platform. 

Check out our editorial guidelines 

Word limit: The word limit of your blog should be within 800 to 3000 words. The blog should be engaging to the readers and adhere to the guidelines of search engines. 

  • Content & title: Your guest blog topic should be related to our offered categories. If you want, you can confirm the topic via message before writing the content. Make sure you choose a catchy title that looks both attractive and interesting. It takes basically 1 to 2 days for reviewing blogs. We will send you the URL link once it gets published on the website. 

  • Backlinks: You can add a maximum of 2 backlinks (1 do-follow link and 1 no-follow link). If the content consists of less than 1000 words, then you can add only one single backlink. For further details, you can contact me for any blog or backlink-related queries. 

  • Images: It is mandatory to add images to your blogs to engage more readers and viewers. But make sure the images should be related to your blogs and they should not be larger than 1 MB. 

  • Clear and clean: This is another important guideline which you should keep in mind while writing blogs for our website. The information you put in your content should be scannable, i.e. highlight the important terms by underlining them, use of bullet points to describe a paragraph in one line. 

  • Advertisement or promotion: While writing for Indinewz.com, make sure it is not advertising or promoting any product or site in your blog post. We do not accept any kind of sponsored tags and you should not use any kind of promotional language in the entire content. 

  • Plagiarism check: Your content should be 100% unique. We will not publish any kind of copied content on our website. Once you are done with the blog, make sure you check it through the plagiarism checker tool. 

Are you willing to write For Health & Fitness? 

If you are among those who have the passion to write, then this is the right platform to polish your skills. You can choose different topics to write for our website and this can enhance your writing skills to a great extent. Not only this, you will get a hold of creative writing as well. Don’t let this inner world disrupt your talent just because you cannot find a place to publish your writings. We uplift every individual who has got the talent of writing.

You send your content directly to us at writers@indinewz.com or writer.indinewz@gmail.com. We will get back to you with our feedback as soon as possible.

We believe in empowering people with confidence by strengthening their writing skills. If you have a firm grasp of the health niche, then there is no other way than writing blogs that give you a platform to share your knowledge with the rest of the people of the world. Write about health and fitness for us and see how your fingers can do magic and benefit others with your knowledge. 

Why write for indinewz.com?

IndiNewz aim at bringing the most exquisite information for our readers on various health topics. We cover content from a holistic journey to wellness. We provide different categories of writing to our writers. You can choose any category of your choice to write. After all, health is wealth and it is always the first thing we should focus on to enjoy life to the fullest and the longest. We focus on health, wellness and fitness. If you are a fitness freak and want to share your thoughts and knowledge, then this is the right platform where you can receive recognition around the globe as a blogger. It gives you the key to live a satisfying and joyful life. We ensure that our readers receive optimum benefit from our blogs and therefore, it contributes to their everyday living. 

We are here to accept your writings

At indinewz.com, we provide the right platform to submit guest blogs with innovative ideas and creative writing related to health and fitness. We welcome all the writers who have been stopping themselves from letting their talent out because they lack confidence. We provide helping hands to all the writers to upgrade their skills. Let the writer inside you jump out and provide people with knowledge on health which could be a lifesaver for them. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing for us.