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Despite the country’s vast popularity in many other sports, there is a mysterious love for cricket in India. In the previous few centuries, cricket has spread over numerous nations. Stadiums were constructed to accommodate the sport’s expanding fan base as it expanded to new nations. Big or small, oval or circular, green or dry, each location offered a different setting where the game could flourish. India’s stadiums are especially important because of the vast number of fans traveling there to see any match. Below, you can see the list of top 10 cricket stadiums in India:

Chepauk Stadium

top 10 cricket stadiums in india

Chepauk Stadium,is also known as MA Chidambaram Stadium, it is one of the top 10 cricket stadiums in India. The Chennai Super Kings, an Indian Premier League cricket team, continue to play their home games at this ground. For the current IPL 2023 season, Chepauk Stadium has recently been renovated to make it a more fan-friendly space. Chepauk Stadium now features new stands and a cutting-edge structure. The stadium’s updated infrastructure prohibits the usage of plastics within the venue.

  Seating capacity40,000
  Stadium size  17.26 acres

Eden Gardens

how many international cricket stadium in india

Eden Gardens is considered one of the top 10 cricket stadiums in India. It is cherished by cricket enthusiasts as the gem in the crown of Indian cricket. Cricket fans around the world hold Eden Gardens in high regard. Drama and conflict of a different kind have occurred here more than once. There are lots of conflict and violence occured among crowds at different times in the statidum’s history. Its memories are sacred to its committed followers, and it has seen celebration and carnage throughout its existence.

  Seating capacity80,000
  Stadium size  50 acres

Dr. Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy Andhra Cricket Stadium

top 5 cricket stadium in india

Dr. Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy Andhra Cricket Stadium is one of the best cricket stadiums in India. It is built with amazing views of the surrounding rolling hills and trees and the field. Visit this page to watch Sunrisers Hyderabad, the home Indian cricket team, compete for the title of Indian Premier League winner.

  Seating capacity25,000
  Stadium size  10.50 acres

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Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium 

top 10 cricket stadium in the india

The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium is among India’s most modern and recently constructed stadiums. This stadium is one of the popular cricket stadiums in India because it is the fourth largest globally and the third largest in India. It was used as Delhi’s secondary home stadium for two of the team’s 2011 Indian Premier League matches.

  Seating capacity65,000
  Stadium size  1.58acres

Greenfield International Stadium 

top 10 largest cricket stadium in india

Football and cricket matches are hosted in this multipurpose Greenfield International Stadium, formerly known as Trivandrum International Stadium. It is the first outdoor stadium in India to be designed, built, operated, and transferred. Many matches are held here, and it is also considered the best stadium to watch cricket matches.

  Seating capacity55,000
  Stadium size  36acres

Ranchi Stadium 

india no 1 cricket stadium

Ranchi stadium is listed as one of the top 10 cricket stadiums in India. The first international match was place in Ranchi Stadium in January 2013. The stadium has amenities of an international standard comparable to those of other Indian stadiums. Nowadays, other countries are looking up to India’s cricket venues.

  Seating capacity40,000
  Stadium size  35 acres

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Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

top 20 biggest cricket stadium in india

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium can accommodate many audiences at any given moment. Both the North End, often referred to as VVS Laxman End, and Pavilion End comprise this structure. Despite this, the flat track wicket is known as a batsman’s paradise and a high-scoring pitch. Therefore, it is considered the most popular cricket stadium in India.

  Seating capacity55,000
  Stadium size  16 acres


2nd biggest cricket stadium in india

Owned by the Mumbai Cricket Association, Wankhede is one of the most famous cricket stadiums in the world. Notable cricket matches in history, such as the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final, have taken place in this venue. The stadium serves as the home field for the Mumbai Indians, the Indian Premier League’s most successful team and the city’s cricket champions. While you are not watching some of the action at this stadium, you may take in Mumbai, the nearby town, which has seen a great deal of memorable cricket moments.

  Seating capacity33,108
  Stadium size  1.14acres

Narendra Modi Stadium

top 10 international cricket stadium in india

Narendra Modi venue, which holds the title of the largest cricket venue in the world, has witnessed a good deal of activity. Modern amenities within the stadium allow Indian cricket fans to watch the action unfold unhindered, including three practice grounds and an Olympic-sized pool. You can witness the dawn or sunset over the magnificent waters from this ideal location on the east bank of the beautiful Sabarmati River. Explore the city to learn about its fascinating culture and stunning landmarks, such as Ahmed Shah’s Mosque and the Bhadra Tower.

  Seating capacity110,000
  Stadium size  41.95 acres

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Mohali Cricket Stadium 

top 10 largest cricket stadium in the india

The Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali, India, features cutting edge practice facilities and a field fit for the world’s top teams. It is among the nation’s most well-known and famous stadiums.

These grounds have seen numerous memorable games, most notably the 2011 World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan, which both nation’s prime ministers attended. One of India’s top cricket stadiums is the IS Bindra Stadium. Hence, more matches will likely be held there.

  Seating capacity26,000
  Stadium size  6.32acres

Summing it up

India’s cricket matches are held in some of the most breathtaking stadiums in the world, providing the ideal combination of breathtaking scenery and an intense mood from other cricket fans. Thus, above mentioned are about the list of top 10 cricket stadiums in India.

FQAs on biggest Cricket Stadium

Which Indian cricket venue is the biggest?

With 1,32,0000 seats, the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is the largest stadium in all of India.

Which Indian cricket ground has played the most matches?

Most Indian cricket matches were played in Kolkata’s Eden Garden stadium.

Which Indian stadium is popular?

In India, Wakhade Cricket Stadium is popular one because of the craze and sporting culture parvailing in Mumbai.

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