5 Social Media Management Tips to Save Time & Improve Results

5 Social Media Management Tips to Save Time & Improve Results

Social media is no longer just a place to connect with people online, it also offers several other uses. Brands today use social media as a marketing platform as it is one of easiest ways to reach out to the potential consumer. Social media makes it easy to connect and communicate with customers due to the ease of use the platforms provide. Brands actively compete to dominate the social media platform and constantly work to gain more followers.

While Google’s search engine is the most popular way for users to research something, social media is a close second. Social media is also used to search for brands and their products and checkout their reviews, as they seem more authentic and believable when compared to the reviews on the websites of the companies.

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Different brands use social media in different ways to best suit their needs. Brands use social media to build an online following and establish a relationship with their customer base. However, social media management can be a daunting task and especially for start-ups and new businesses. For such businesses, it is important that they serve their existing clients while pitching to new ones at the same time.

Impeccable Quality

The consistency of posts and the quality of content are perhaps the two of the most important factors when it comes to social media management. While it is important to ensure that the posts contain accurate information and are attractive to users, they should also be creative and inspired in order to appeal to the audience. It is also important to take into account how shareable the content is. Content that is pleasing to the eye and interesting to read is more likely to be shared on different platforms. 

Another important factor is the relevancy of the content. While an article about an ongoing topic might seem like a good idea and might even perform well. Content that stays relevant is likely to continue appearing on social media.

Aiming for quality content allows the focus to shift to maintaining the calibre of the posts instead of constantly working to find something new to post. Save time and improve the quality of the content at the same time by prioritizing quality over quantity. 

Following a Schedule

Social media management can be a challenging task to tackle as there are multiple aspects that need to be considered. To save time and post consistently, it is recommended that scheduling tools should be used. Tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer can be used to auto-schedule the posting of content. It is nearly impossible to manage all of the social media on our own and manually post multiple times a day. These tools allow auto-scheduling of posts and automatically post content at the time that it is most likely to see the highest level of engagement.

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Having a set schedule also allows for better organization and planning. Specific activities can be allotted to particular timings which makes it easier to handle different tasks. Not having a schedule makes it easy to lose track of time which causes unwanted delays.

However, this needs to be balanced as while not all of the work needs to be done manually, and not all of it can be automated either. 

Use Analytical Tools 

Analytics are essential to understand how well the marketing strategies and posts are performing. Through analytical tools it is easy to see the views and engagement per post. There are a number of social media analytical tools that can be used for this purpose like Sprout Social, Google Analytics, Keyhole and HubSpot.

Monitor user behavior to better understand your target audience and create content and build your strategies accordingly. Analytics can also help to understand which platform is most suitable for the brand and at what times there is highest engagement. All of this allows for more effective social media management with a higher ROI. 

It can be difficult at times to find content or topics that are ideal to share. In such situations, social media management tools can be used which provide alerts based on specific keywords which have been selected.

Outsource some aspects of your social media management.

It might be easy for one person to manage the social media accounts as the business is starting out but as the business grows, social media requires more time and attention as well as the right resources in order for it to be managed appropriately.

There are dedicated agencies offering social media management services which specialize in handling the social media accounts of different brands and businesses. Outsourcing can offer you access to better resources with specialists allotted to each aspect of your social media. This can often be cheaper than having an in-house social media team, providing better services at a lesser cost. However, outsourcing should be carefully planned and considered as expectations need to be determined.

Experiment and try new things

Social media is constantly changing and evolving with every passing day. New social networks and social media applications are taking the world by storm and quickly become the latest rage before the next one comes along.

Take some time to experiment and try new things with your strategies. While the current strategies might seem successful, no one can know what the latest trend will be and experimenting could pay off very well. Whether it is text message marketing or livestreaming, the latest trend only takes days to blow up and become all that anyone is talking about. 

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It can be beneficial to set some time aside specifically for researching the latest trends in the everchanging and evolving world of social media. New, innovative and experimental strategies can be devised depending on the newest trends.

Managing social media accounts requires constant work but with the right processes and by using the right tools, comprehensive social media management can be achieved. Find your own technique and figure out what works best for you. While this might take some trial and error, it is likely that it will yield good results in the long run.

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