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Accelerate Your Business With Automated Email System

It would be meaningless and unproductive to painstakingly keep spending hours writing exclusive emails for each one of your customers. At one and the same time, you wouldn’t want to send recurrent blasts of general emails to your subscriber list in its entirety.

In fact, it has been found that your subscribers are more prone to unsubscribe or put your emails on the spam list when you keep sending messages which they have very little relevance with. Thankfully, you’ll possibly in a position to circumvent these problems and perk up your ROI by putting an email marketing automation system into place.

Email marketing automation system involves the effective use of software with the intent of sending highly targeted emails at particular instances of time or while responding back to a few specific actions your customers undertake. The automated email system has everything to do with reaching your customers to communicate the appropriate message at the most opportune time.

Read on to gain an understanding of 5 key reasons as to why it’s imperative that your business uses email marketing automation.

Boost transactions by adding a personal touch to your emails

Let’ say for instance you’re passing through a busy street. What’s your likelihood to turn back when you get to hear someone calling “Hey you!” alternatively and more explicitly by uttering your name. If truth be told you’ll be more likely to pay heed and respond if you’re addressed personally by someone. The same norm remains true or valid in case of email marketing as well.

When you use a robust email marketing automation system you can take to including personalized fields such as your first name, company name which will normally be filled with the details your distinctive email list contains. Through emails custom-tailored for a specific recipient, you can bring about a considerable impact.

Research shows that marketing emails generated by automated email system and individualized on the subject line hold 26 percent more click-through and open rates vis-à-vis emails that don’t. Also, it has been observed that emails that are made up of personalized content maintain a transaction rate six times more than those which include generic messages.

Make a more pronounced impact with email segmentation

Once a survey asked different companies why do they avail themselves of email marketing automation? Nearly 83 percent said in response that the greatest benefit remains in the ability in sending more appropriate messages. With the email marketing automation system in tow, it’s feasible to carry out the segmentation of your database of customers and leads into several groups. Furthermore, it’s conceivable to customize different messages intended for different groups depending on their:

  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Buying behavior

For instance, if you’ve got a business that deals with selling gears for hang gliding, paragliding, and parachuting, you may well create customer-oriented dissimilar messages for those expressing their interest in hang gliding, paragliding, or parachuting. In this manner, you can make sure that the recipients of your emails are in receipt of content that has perfect alignment with all things which draw their attention.

As far as personalized fields are concerned, segmenting your subscribers’ email list with the help of an automated email system may lead to more customer engagement. Widely predominant email platforms like Mail Chimp discovered that with segmented email campaigns marketers experienced 100.95 percent higher click-through rates and 14.3 percent greater email open rates.

Amplify your revenue earnings by means of transactional emails

These are idiosyncratic messages sent automatically to your website visitors once they carry out certain actions. These particular actions might comprise the following:

  • Creating an account on the website
  • Getting on with a purchase
  • Downloading an eBook
  • Subscribing to newsletters

Transactional communications generated by an automated email system usually incorporates with little fundamental information which the recipient expects to receive. For instance, the link for a download free of cost or an estimated delivery date of the purchase made.

It may be noted that email recipients engage in more interaction with transactional emails in contrast to promotional emails. Sharp-witted, business-savvy marketers take advantage of this fact and find a use for these messages, every so often, to prod customers in taking another subsequent step to the eventual purchase.

Let’s say when customers receive an email that an order has been confirmed, it may contain a unique “Recommended Products” part at the tail-end of the email. Also, a typical “Thank You” mail which a customer receives after the subscription to a newsletter is done may include a gift voucher or discount coupon which can be redeemed when the customer makes the first purchase.

In fact, this strategy put into practice by instituting an email marketing automation system has been proven to extremely successful and remunerative. Businesses are believed to amass up to 6 times greater revenue by leveraging transactional emails in comparison with other types of emails.

Bring the customer’s purchase cycle into line

Another remarkable benefit of an email marketing automation system is its ability to plan sending emails to shoppers precisely at the most appropriate time. For example, if you’re the owner of a company that specializes in selling environmentally friendly, recycle able cleaning products, having the awareness that an average customer uses up one bottle of dish-washing soap a month makes sense. Being informed about this customer behavior you may perhaps slate an email that reaches your customers around 3 weeks after they made the purchase of the dish-washing soap with an aim to jog their memory to restock.

Note that automated email system strategy may not solely be used to effectuate the sale of products purchased in repetition. Messages can also be sent to promote certain products which the customer has already bought. Moreover, messages can be scheduled to match up to the varying trends of seasonal shopping. For instance, a winter wear manufacturing company can arrange a special “Winter Wear” campaign by offering discounts on every sweater pattern as soon as the weather begins to get colder.

Engage leads with the help of drip campaigns

A typical email drip campaign essentially involves a succession of automatically generated emails dispatched to leads at a regular periodicity and for a pre-defined timeframe. The most outstanding benefit of email drip campaigns lies in it offering an excellent means of making people not forget your business.

Usually, these are prospects that show keenness to purchase your products or services yet aren’t all set to initiate a purchase. These emails so generated by an automated email system can serve the following purposes.

  • Providing answers to FAQs
  • Focusing on the pain points of the customers
  • Demonstrating the efficacy of your products or services to solve customer problems
  • Keeping the leads enthusiastic about your products or services until the time they make a purchase

Drip campaigns and their effectiveness guarantee the fact that persistence and patience bear fruit. Drip campaigns designed and launched by an email marketing automation system is found to have 80 more open rates and 300 percent more click-through rates in contrast to single send campaigns.

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