Banning on PM Narendra Modi’s biopic release by Election commission

Vivek Oberoi is in trouble again and this time it is for his upcoming movie PM Narendra Modi which is a biopic of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Thanks to the timing of the release of the movie. The other opposition parties and Congress had protested against the release of this movie before the commencement of the Lok Sabha Election 2019. The makers and the producers of this movie were asked to delay the release of this movie till 11th April. As per the reports from the sources, the Election Commission held the release date of this movie till the election gets over.

In the present scenario, the Election Commission will not give permission on the release of this movie. Though, it has still not been confirmed by the higher authorities when this movie will finally come in theaters. It should be noted that earlier a notice was issued to the filmmakers of this movie as it was stated by the opposition party that this biopic on Narendra Modi is an agenda of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). At last, the Election Commission has taken decision on this matter.

 The opposition parties were also created a pressure on the Election Commission demanding the resignation of CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi for giving release date to this movie. However, the Supreme Court rejected this plea and pushed the release date of this movie. The main cast of this movie actor Vivek Oberoi took Twitter to give his views on this matter. He said that how powerful people were trying to put a stay order on the release of this movie. He also added that they could only create obstruction but they could not stop the release of this movie.

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