Here is all what you want to know About Grant Cardoni

If everyone is your ideal, so want to do like everyone. But if you wish to be in the top 1 percent, so you have to think like the top 1 percent not like the other 99 percent. 

Early life:

Cardoni was born on 21 March 1958, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. Grant’s father name Curtis Cardone and mother’s name Concetta. He belongs to a middle-class family also a White Caucasian ethnicity. Grant also has four siblings. he has a brother named ‘Gary Cardone’. For basic education, he attended LaGrange High School. He is graduated with a Bachelor of Science in accounting.  

Personal Life:

Grant married his wife ‘Elena Lyons’ who is a former American actress, also a social activist. The couple also welcomes their twin daughters named ‘Scarlett’ and ‘Sabrina’. Family is living in Miami Beach, Florida. 


After getting a degree from college, Cardoni involved in bad friends and moved towards the wrong way. He started using booze and drugs. But fortune led him to good destiny. He went to rehab with his family. Now, He was conscious of the harms of using drugs and decided to set goals for his life. He has devotions of sales. He began to get coaching from sales gurus and mentors. After getting knowledge from them, he got fame very soon in this field.  

First Experience of sale: 

Cardoni faces one after the other many work experiences during his life. His first sale where he started him to prove was a car sale.  At initial stages, he was not professional in sales. But he did not lose up. He did hard work in learning the skills and approached a six-figure salary. It was the proper time for him to get a chance. He started investing in real estate.

His deal got Failure:

When Grant was 29 years old, then he was trying to make his way in the real estate market with some investment he had saved. It was expensive to buy income houses, but Grant knows very well the right moment to launch.

for an entrepreneur, Patience is one of the best quality. So for getting the right deal, Grant started to observe the market. He started to discuss with other real estate agents and investors, to learn more and more tricks about trade and he was more passionate about marketing.

But these learnings were a little beneficial when he decided to purchase an independent house and then lease it to a single-family for rent. Time passed very well when suddenly the rented family decided to leave the house. Now, the apartment was vacant and it was a difficult time for Cardoni because he was losing a lot of money every month. Now he was looking for a new family to rent his apartment but in a fail. At last, he decided to resell that apartment and sure to make the further best deal in the future. But he had to wait 5 years for the next deal. Then He focused himself on another activity. he decided to create and distribute sales courses online. This was the start of a branch of his organization.

Net worth:

When Grant Cardoni was 24 years old, he was homeless, jobless, and used to drugs. he had made his first million when he was 34 years old.  He started selling cars, which made him the best car sales trainer and further he became the best overall sales trainer. He started buying property. He became a motivational speaker, moved TV network, and introduced the world’s best most effective sales training program and best seller books. Grant Cardoni net worth is $300 million. 

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