Lodhi Garden in Delhi – Travel Guide

This lush landscape is one of the greatest quaint getaways from buzzing and polluted city life of Delhi. Enjoy with varieties of flora and fauna such as colorful butterflies and small birds while you can go for a morning or evening walk here. People also exercise, do yoga, do jogging in the lush park garden. The Archaeological Survey of India manages some parts of the Lodhi gardens whereas the State Archeology departments manage other parts too. If you visit Delhi then you have to walk around the Lodhi Gardens and visit the monuments, gardens and greenhouse there. You can enjoy all the flora and fauna and fresh air in the gardens.

History of Lodhi Garden

It dates back to pre-independence times when Lady Willington cleared a couple of villages for a garden where the historical structures and tombs belonging to the Lodhi era. Earlier this Lodhi garden was named as Lady Willington Park. It hosts monuments and mosques dating back to the Mughal era between the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Later in 1968 another architect re-designed the park and named it Lodhi Gardens These are 5 significant structures in Lodhi Gardens, Delhi.

Sikander Lodhi Tomb

Lying in the midst of a square garden park this tomb is situated at the northwestern side of Lodhi garden. Sikandar Lodhi was popular as one of the most significant rulers of the Lodhi dynasty. He was the second ruler in line ruling from 1489 to 1517. There are two chhatris that give a unique outlook to the tomb. The height of the walls measures roughly 3.5 meters on the sides. The tomb of Sikander Lodhi was constructed in the fifteenth century by the last ruler in the Lodhi dynasty. 

Bara Gumbad (Big Dome)

This is one of the biggest tombs at Lodhi garden believed to be built during Sultan Sikander Lodhi’s rule in 1490. this is square in shape and there is a big dome with interiors done with stucco work and paintings. It is situated beside the Bara Gumbad Mosque on the northeastern side of the tomb of Muhammad Shah. Some believe that it is a gateway to the mosque nearby but people also believe it to be a grave of an unidentified higher ranked person. 

Mehman Khana (Guest House)

There is a guest house appropriately called Mehman Khana for guests to sit. This is a high arched pavilion that is situated right opposite the mosque. The architecture is admirable with compartments of arches. There are three main entrance arches and a couple of arches on the corner left and corner right of the guest house. There are also touches of red sandstone used especially in the frame of the arch. 

Sheesh Gumbad (Glass Dome)

Very close to the Bara Gumbad the Sheesh Gumbad is known for the blue-tinted glazed dome. It has a mix of different styles of architecture although it is very much similar to the structure of Bara Gumbad.  The inside of Sheesh Gumbad is ornamented with floral motifs and various holy inscriptions. The exteriors were initially ornamented with lovely blue tiles. 

Athpula (Eight Pier)

This is one of the structures believed to be constructed during the rule of Emperor Akbar of the Mughal era. This is a bridge made of stone with pillars and arches that runs over two or one lake or waterways in the Lodhi Gardens. The name means ‘eight’ meaning path that was originally named Khairpur ka pool as it was situated in the village of Khairpur. 

Lodhi Rose Gardens

It is believed that there are over 100 different varieties of flora or trees in the Lodhi Gardens that is spread over 90 acres. You can find parakeets, kites, mynas, babblers, kingfishers, hornbills among the fauna living in the Lodhi Gardens. There is also a greenhouse at Lodhi gardens and a lovely lake that gives a great experience to the visitor. There is also a treat for the Bonsai lovers as there is a small Bonsai garden with miniature trees to enjoy within the Lodhi Gardens at Delhi during Delhi tours

Visitor Information:

Entry Fee: Free

Open All days 

5 am to 8 pm (April – September)

6 am to 8 pm (October – March) 

How to Reach:

Nearest Metro Station: JLN Metro Station / Jorbagh Metro Station

By Road: Take the bus, an auto or a taxi for local travel to Lodhi Gardens.

Lodhi Garden is the one of the famous gardens to visit in Delhi with 2 days Delhi Private Tour

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