Learn TRAI’s new guidelines for DTH – No more extra payment for multiple connections

TRAI (The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has declared that there is no need to pay the network capacity fee for having multiple connections or any subsequent TV connection in the household. The DTH or cable connection providers can provide uniform discounts in a specific area. This clarification has been made when a lot of DTH and cable television users have raised their concerns over the high expenditure they have faced due to multiple channel subscription. The new broadcast rule set by TRAI came into effective on February 1, 2019.

As per the TRAI statement, this regulation does not prohibit the DTH or cable service providers to provide discount or lower the NCF fee for additional connection in the same household or area. However, the rate will be fixed or uniform in the target market area of TV channel distributor.

It has also been confirmed that as per the instruction, a capping of rupees 130/ has been declared as network capacity fee for 100SD channels and rupees 20/ for the next slab of 25 SD channels. It also confirmed that the instruction provides a capping of Rs 130 as network capacity fee for 100 SD channels and Rs 20 for the slab of next 25 SD channels. “Pursuant to the same now few DTH or cable providers have started offering the discount or complete wave off of network capacity fee on 2nd or additional Television connection,” it said.

TRAI also said that an analysis of preliminary data of few Distribution Platform Operators shows subscribers in metros have saved 10-15 per cent and 5-10 per cent in non-metro other areas.
The consumer has complete freedom to choose the 100 SD channels within the NCF of Rs 130/

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