Wall decor ideas to spruce up your walls by new dimensions

How many times have you stared at that blank wall and wondered what you could do to give the space more character? Or how many times have you caught yourself feeling like your room lacks a focal point and needs a revamp? With this blog post, we’ve worked with New Dimensions to bring to you wall design ideas that can transform your living place in an impactful way! 

It needs to be mentioned that New Dimensions works in environmental wall branding for corporate and retail clients. They are making inroads in the interior decor segment and bring wall branding to the consumers.

The idea of putting up a wall design is just a simple way to add personality to your walls. Wall design in a room will have attention drawn to itself effortlessly and will act as that perfect conversation-starter. 

What wall should become your chosen one? 

This step is probably the most important one and also confusing for most! Start with doors, windows, etc. The wall art picked could be the one behind the bed or the one behind the couch or even a wall where you want to highlight a focal point. Keep your focus on picking a wall that does not have to compete for attention with something already present on the wall surface in the form of a structural or a feature element. You can pick a wall that has a dominant presence in the space. A bright couch, a gallery wall or just an iconic piece of art can all be options that anchor the wall visually! A key factor to keep in mind is natural light. Thematic walls are also a great tool to visually create dimension in space. For example, this wall design called THE GATE will do just that. It will open a new dimension in your walls for you to take a stroll back in time.

How to choose a wall design?

The answer to this is simple! Wall designs much like painting are an extension of your personality, the effect you want to create or the characteristic vibe that you are going for. Let’s explore a few different techniques that we can use to bring to life your walls with the help of some New Dimensions Wall Designs:

Pattern Wall Designs – The Most Versatile Medium:

Pattern wall designs have been the easiest way to give a wall a whole new look. With pattern wall designs, there are a variety of directions you can head into.

Start by deciding on the overall look of the space. You can choose to work with more muted patterns or brightly colored patterns to create a visual ambiance of your choice. Dark, bold and striking colors work well to create a pleasant backdrop. Softer patterns work well to tie the space together.

You can spruce up your boring wall with New Dimensions wall designs color-wise with options like a masquerade, a more ethnic look on the wall with Rangoon, pop art wall design like tune to complement the color of your space. The options are endless!

You can create a statement with your choice of the wall design by using the New Dimensions pattern wall design range.

Artistic wall Designs:

Artistic wall designs are a great option if you want to infuse art and make your wall stand out without even using any further accessories! They’re customizable and can make for classy yet modern wall art on your walls. The use of special materials allows us to give your space a quick makeover that can follow a certain theme and set the mood of the space. Choose from a range of abstract, modern, inspired or a collection of other beautiful wall designs that will personalize your wall.

3D wall designs work great in living rooms, study rooms, offices or anywhere you need to feel creatively inspired!

New Dimensions range of 3D wall designs can be paired well together in various ways to create that desired vibe in your rooms.

Here is the golden rule: there aren’t any rules!

Remember to have fun while you freshen your walls up and know that your wall is an extension of you. It is an interior design feature that can go a long way in adding that bold touch of persona to your space and make it seem anew!

All of the wall designs that New Dimensions makes are eco-friendly and made with durable, long-lasting materials so their colors don’t fade away. Every design that you’ll see on their website is made by them and are completely original. They also have a blog where you can know more about their ideas and keep yourself updated with their new projects. They recently have also started dabbling in making sculptures for different clients on order completely customized to their preference. To know more please visit their website. 

Until next time, keep it chic and colorful! 

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