Why school is called second home

Why School is called a Second Home?

Most of the time of the day of children is spent in the schools. That’s why it is called the second home. The behavior & thought process of children come from the influence of the teachers. It builds a strong foundation of knowledge which in turn helps students later in life. Teachers play the most important role to build up the character of any student. In this article, we will discuss why school is called the second home.

Teachers pay attention to students

The teachers can pay more attention to individual students & cater to their requirements of learning. Whereas, parents often do not get time to cater to those needs of their children

Interactions between students & teachers

Face to face interactions between students & teachers causes the young minds to develop & participate in debates physically. The classroom environment has more contribution to building the character of students than their homes.

Students ask for doubts & get clarification

The teachers can be counter questioned by the students about any topic why it happens or what is the reason behind it. Parents are sometimes unable to clarify those doubts due to various reasons.

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Exchange of ideas and views

Students can exchange their views regarding any topic which will boost their knowledge & ability to think differently. On the other hand, this cannot be done at home with anyone.

● The process of learning is not engaging

The process of learning is not isolated & boring, unlike home learning where students cannot get to meet their peers & discuss ideas with them. At home, this facility isn’t available.

● Students have on-campus student facilities

Students get the benefit of campus facilities, like libraries, labs, practical classes in front of teachers, etc. These facilities are better in school than in homes.

● Enhances critical thinking skill

School learning engages students more & enhances critical thinking skills which improve argument skills & formulation of opinion. School builds up the personality which often cannot be fulfilled at home.

● Improves social skill

One of the objectives of academic learning is to improve the social skill of students. & school helps students to engage more with peers & teachers and have a good rapport with them that shape them as a social person later in life.

● Promotes collaborative learning

The students learn in a healthy competitive environment where their self-awareness increases & they learn things more effectively and easily which transforms them into keen learners.

● Builds organizational skill

School builds organizational skills of students, to begin with, arriving on time, dressed up properly, completing their assignments on time, class works, etc.

● Keeps student stimulated

The minds of the students get stimulated when they are at school through interesting & interactive activities which cannot be done at home.

● Teaching style modifies according to the student’s issues

Teachers can address the needs as per their students’ requirements. i.e, auditory learners will be helped by interaction; on the other hand, visual learners may get benefitted from classroom activities. In this way, teachers will get the idea if the students understand what has been taught or they need further explanation.

● Develops important personality and career-building skills

The school helps students to gather resolving skills & presentation skills. It boosts their confidence to present themselves or their ideas in front of classmates & teachers. This shapes them as a better & confident person later in life.

● Discipline

The school makes students more disciplined, i.e, how to sit, how to dress up properly, to maintain a routine, behaving well with peers & other students meet inside the campus.

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