3 Useful Mobile Apps for Human Resource Managers

It’s a proven fact that HR has undergone tremendous evolution over the considerable timeframe. Taking from a service-oriented function composed of spreadsheets and folders, HR has started to perform a more strategy encompassing role in the world’s most progressive mobile app development companies.  At the essence of this tailor-made approach is considered as a technology-oriented role to the next level. 

Seemingly, HR managers are now able to access an enormous amount of data than ever before to help them make key-approach towards the overall hiring process with decision-making strategies and a massive amount of great apps have emerged to be helpful to perform their jobs in an effective manner with the entitlement of leading mobile app development companies. 

  1. Justworks

Justworks is an online human resource management platform that provides a result-oriented approach towards small to medium-sized businesses consisting of an HR solution that simplifies the payroll management instances, human resource management, pros and cons, and government observance. 

Justworks cultivated easiness and affordability for companies to establish a new hiring process for the dominance of mobile app development companies. Justworks tends to simplify businesses to focus on the business concerns that will help you to boost your brand identity and exposure to the next level. This product is also available for iOS and Android Platforms.


  • Maintaining Employee Database 
  • Managing Attendance 
  • Managing Compensation & Incentives
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Managing Compliance
  • Customer Relationship Management
  1. ClearCompany

The goal of ClearCompany is to help other companies for recruitment purposes, onboarding new employees and review comprehensive insights for better productivity and engagement prospects as pertained by result-driven mobile app development companies. ClearCompany helps HR managers and recruiters to push the HR functions into a more strategic role within the company’s direction. With the passage of time companies are adopting the usage of ClearCompany Talent Operating System to drive human resources and recruitment efforts to increase effective onboarding process to gain real-time engaging insights into employee performance and resources.


  • Scrutiny and Recruitment
  • Schedules Interview
  • Hiring of Employees
  • Onboarding and Goal Entitlements
  • Measures Performance and Management Prospects
  • Full-fledged Dashboard.
  1. Kronos Workforce Ready Suite 

Kronos Workforce Ready Suite is a complete HR solution that is packed with functionality including payroll, tracking applicant information and performance feedback. The leading mobile app development companies tend to provide resourceful and productivity aspects as Kronos enable HR managers with the information they need to make aware of productive decision-making strategies. 


  • Customization Features
  • Time Management
  • Functional Mobile App 
  • Provides Administrative Support
  • Schedules Meetings and Interviews.

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