Can Domestic RO water purifier work without electricity?

We all know how important to install Domestic RO at our home. With the increasing amount of pollutants in the water, it has become risky to drink water without any filtration process. According to a recent study, it has been revealed that the tap water we receive at our home has a high amount of TDS along with germs and bacteria. The increasing death rate from the waterborne diseases indicates the fact more strongly.

The best thing we can do to prevent our family from all types of impurities in water is installing a filter at home. And Reverse Osmosis is the best process that will keep all the pollutants at bay and produce safe drinking water.

What is the problem with the electric RO water purifier?

The only problem with this marvelous filtration system is that most of them run by electricity. In India, power cut is another problem that affects the growth of the nation. In many places, it takes hours to over the power cut. As a result, the RO that runs by electricity has become a mere showpiece as it cannot supply purified water when needed.

How to overcome this problem?

As there is no guarantee of electricity and no option other than filtered water, then you must have to look for some solution. Many companies are coming up with a water purifier without electricity to combat the problem. In this way, the non-electric water purifier will produce purified water without the help of electricity.

How does water purifier without electricity work?

Most of the time, the water purifier that does not need electricity to run works with the filtration process of activated carbon and UF (Ultra Filtration technology. In this water purifier, the UF membrane filters all the impurities like bacteria, germs, and viruses. The hollow fiber hydrophilic UF membrane can filter the water of the river, lake and municipality supply. Along with that, the activated carbon filter and additional sediment filter can do the rest of the job to generate drinkable water.

In case, your water has a higher TDS rate that the normal nonelectric water purifier cannot do the needful purification, the Domestic RO is the only solution. Thankfully, it can run by minimum power wattage and for that, the inverter power supply can give you the required support.

How many types of water purifiers without electricity are available in the market?

There are two types of water purifier that does not need electricity; online and offline. You have to fix the purifier to the mouth of the taps. These are portable kind of filter and it does not need any electricity to run. The offline filter uses activated carbon and sediment filter that will keep all the impurities out of the water to make it drinkable.

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