5 Coupons for Your Business

One of the best strategies for running a business and keeping your customers interested is by using coupons. Nothing gets customers hooked on your product like the thought of a lowered price or paying less for more. This article will guide you in the best coupons and use them to keep your customers coming.

Buy One Get One Free.

One effective coupon that customers are usually looking for is an increased quantity for the same price. Just the word ‘free’ is enough to get customers to spend on a product they had initially not planned on buying. For example, for a restaurant, you could assign a day where with every burger you buy, you get an extra one free. Aside from products, you can provide a service for free with every purchase of an item, for example, offering free delivery and installation for products such as televisions and fridges.

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Cash Rebates

This is another excellent way to incorporate coupons into your business. Rebates are an incentive that enables your customer to save on some products by allowing them to purchase them at a lower cost in the future. Rebates can be in the form of a discount at the time of purchase or cash back when the customer spends a certain amount of money. For example, an appliance store may offer a $30 cashback coupon if you spend more than $300 in their store, or getting a 20% discount on your next grocery store shopping if you spend above $100 in a grocery store. Rebates such as Walmart rebates are great at building customer loyalty and bagging repeat sales from the same customer.


Another great coupon to incorporate into your business is giveaways. While these involve giving away certain goods free of charge, they usually yield good engagement and can multiply your client base. When organizing a giveaway, you set achievable conditions for the customer, such as telling them to share the giveaway post or details with many people and linking the giveaway to the person that shares it the most. Giveaways are an excellent way to do sales marketing while at the same time allowing potential customers to engage with your products, creating awareness. They also build customer loyalty to your brand and help improve brand visibility. If you look at what your brand benefits from giveaways versus the cost of the free products, you stand to gain a lot.

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Flash Sales

These are sales offers that are organized for some time. Flash sales are tied to a time condition; for example, a clothing store may decide to set up a flash sale offer that runs for a weekend. So the customer can save money on the products, but only if they purchase them before the weekend ends. Flash sales are good at tricking a customer into buying products they hadn’t budgeted for. Time-sensitive deals are great at sales promotion and conversion.

Discounts and Coupons

Giving discounts with purchases to customers is an excellent way to gain return customers. While the customer will be saving on their next purchase, you will also be ensuring your next sale, as long as the discount coupon allows you to make some profit. Gift cards are an example of coupons that can help boost your sales. If you offer a coupon for their next purchase, you stand to gain since it’s not definite that the customer will return the next time.

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Coupons may look like you are compromising by providing goods and services at a loss, but you’re leveraging creative ways to promote your brand in an absolute sense. Customers will be more likely to buy your products, even if they are already loyal to other brands. Coupons give you an advantage over your competitors; therefore, you should consider incorporating them into your business if you haven’t already.

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