How to Find Great Scholarships for Studying Abroad

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If you plan to study abroad, then you will already be aware of the fact that the tuition fees and living expenses can quickly build up to a sizable college budget. In this situation, getting a scholarship is the best option as scholarships provide the critical financial assistance which many students require.

Seek Support

First of all, don’t be hesitant to ask for support from those around you. Inquire with your university’s academic advisors, financial aid office, teachers, study abroad office, and even teachers, about any available grants or scholarships.

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Instead of writing or calling, it’s better to go to these offices in person to ask for help on how to receive a scholarship to study abroad. This will not only make things easier for your instructors or study abroad office to assist you, but it will also impress them with your clear resolve and effort in coming in person to know about financial aid. The most challenging part of securing study abroad scholarships is just locating them, so ask the experts to guide you if they know of any.

National Scholarships

Many nations provide loans and grants to students studying abroad. Look into what your country has to offer. There might be any organizations in your country that sponsors outstanding and hardworking students to study overseas. The Fulbright Commission in the United States provides scholarships to American students who wish to study overseas.

Guidance Counselors

Talk to the guidance counselor at your present school and ask if they have any scholarships that you may apply for and whether they could recommend any other scholarships that might be appropriate for you. Check with your current employment, your church or union, your city, and any other organizations to which you belong. You can sometimes discover scholarships that only a few individuals are aware of.

Scholarships Abroad

Many countries provide scholarships to coming international students in the place where you will study. For instance, if you plan to study in Canada, the country provides a number of scholarships, including the government of Canada International scholarship program. This program is made up of 14 distinct scholarship components that offer researchers and international students with research and study opportunities in Canada and study and research opportunities abroad for Canadian professionals, students, and researchers. Another example is the Fulbright Commission that provides scholarships to international students who wish to go to college in the United States. You can find similar scholarships for many other countries; just do a little research on Google based on your choice of country.

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Consultants and Scholarship Databases

The best place to start looking for a scholarship is on the official websites of the university you wish to go. If you still can’t find anything, approach a representative through chat or email and see whether they can assist you. The next step is to search the internet for different sources of financial assistance. However, finding credible information is not always easy, and not all sites contain up-to-date material.

However, rest assured that numerous scholarship consultants and databases are available to assist you in your search for scholarships online. Some are free of cost, but many will charge you for their expertise. Other scholarship databases might be found via Google. Just be sure you don’t pay money to apply for a scholarship; it’s probably a fraud if you do.

Who can apply?

Anyone who matches the eligibility criteria is able to apply. Yes, it’s a cliche. However, various kinds of scholarships cater to different types of students. Always double-check that you are eligible to apply and that this scholarship is suitable for international students. Don’t forget to check that if the deadline or the scholarship application is current or not.

Below we have mentioned some of the basic scholarship application requirements:

  • Form of registration or application
  • A letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation
  • A letter of motivation
  • A letter of acceptance from a college or university
  • Certified financial statements, proof of low income
  • Evidence of exceptional athletic or academic achievement

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If you have a dream of studying abroad but are unable to afford it, don’t be disappointed as there are several scholarships on which you can apply. Read our article and find ways to search for these scholarships.

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