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5 Most Common Physiotherapy Treatments You Should Know About

It is normal to be inquisitive about physiotherapy in Abbotsford before getting the treatments. There are different methods through which therapists reduce your pain and improve mobility. The sessions seem less intimidating when you already know what to expect from them. It always helps to learn about the most common treatment methods before you start the sessions. So, let’s begin. 


If you are looking for physiotherapy in Abbotsford, remember that it is also known as physical therapy here. That’s because exercises form an integral part of the programme. This field is based on movement sciences. The therapist uses the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology to prescribe the exercises best suited for your pain-free movement. 

They recommend three types of exercises- range of motion, stretching and strengthening. 

As the name suggests, the ROM exercises improve your range of motion, thereby letting you move efficiently. Stretching exercises improve the flexibility of your muscles, tissues and ligaments. Similarly, strengthening exercises restore the normal strength of the affected musculoskeletal system. 

The physical therapists may guide you through specific DIY exercises that you can do at home on your own. This ensures the prevention of further injuries in the future. 


The process entails the use of equipment that sends a mild, subtle electrical pulse throughout the affected areas. This pulse triggers the natural healing response of your body. It is highly effective in reducing inflammation and improving range of the motion. 

Physiotherapists often combine electrotherapy with other treatments, such as manual therapy and exercise prescriptions to provide you with the best outcome. The method is painless and contributes to the patient’s overall wellness. 

Manual therapy 

Manual therapy or manipulative therapy is about hands-on manipulation of the damaged soft tissues of your body using optimum pressure. The manual therapist uses their hands to apply direct pressure on the affected area. This pressure releases muscle tension, reduces stiffness and alleviates your pain. The technique triggers the natural healing response of your body. It gets you involved in your own recovery. 

The goal of this therapy is to remove the scar tissues from the source and bring you relief. In Abbotsford, physiotherapists often combine this with other treatments to produce the best health outcome. 

Kinesio Taping 

Kinesio Taping is a popular method in Abbotsford physiotherapy clinics. It is the direct application of a kinesio tape to the areas that you struggle to move. For instance, this can be the right treatment for back pain or any kind of joint pain. 

The therapist, however, needs to evaluate your injury to decide whether this is the bright treatment for your recovery. The goal of this treatment is to stabilize your joints and improve your mobility. You can even wear the tape and perform the exercises as instructed by your physiotherapist in the locality. 

Dry needling/IMS 

The process involves the insertion of a very thin filament needle into the damaged area. Though it sounds scary, it is in reality completely painless. You may feel a slight twitch only at the time of insertion. Eventually, the needle releases tension and stiffness from the muscles, thus bringing you relief. 

It is often recommended for acute and chronic pain, injury rehabilitation and neuropathy pain. The therapist identifies deep knots and stiffness in your muscles through specific tests. They then use the IMS technique to reduce the tightness and improve the functioning of muscles in that area. 

Wrapping Up, 

Physiotherapy is quite a buzzword in Abbotsford. After all, it helps restore your optimal lifestyle without pain meds or surgeries. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your therapist if you have any before the sessions begin. 


So, you are in pain and you are looking for a physiotherapy clinic in Abbotsford. Well, physiotherapists here provide a wide slew of treatments, depending on your condition. Read this article to learn about the most common treatment methods. 

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