Fitness Tips for Beginners- How to Start Exercising

Fitness Tips for Beginners- How to Start Exercising

Are you planning to start working out at home to lose weight or improve your fitness? Well, that’s a great decision. You can practice workout at home without equipment. But to achieve your goal, you don’t need to do long workouts or difficult workouts. If you are a beginner, you can start working out from the comfort of your home and start with easy and simple exercises. Simple and easy workouts don’t need any heavy or costly equipment. All you need is to boost your level of confidence and increase your energy level and you are all set to start your fitness journey through workout at home without equipment.

Check out few tips to practice workout at home without equipment

Make sure you do exercise regularly. Do not stop your workout just after two or three days of starting it. Within a few days, you will notice a great improvement in your level of fitness. For continuing workout at home without equipment you have to be determined.  Now if you are wondering how to start exercising at home, you should check out this informative blog where you will come to know some useful tips on how to start exercising or workout at home without equipment.

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How to start working out at home?

There are many people who often wonder how to start working out at home. They get confused with so many body movements. But reading this content will give you some idea on how to start working out at home

Before you start working out at home, it is really important to follow a number of precautionary steps or measures. Make sure you do a little bit of research or consult with your healthcare provider before starting any workout program. If you are having any kind of injury, high blood pressure, heart disease, or type 2 diabetes, you must follow the precautionary steps properly to stay safe during the workout process. 

You can take tips and suggestions from your friends and family members as well who will support you in your journey of fitness telling your fitness plan to friends and family members will help you staying accountable and focused on your goal. You must set a goal for your new workout plan. 

Tips for workout for at home

When you are all set to start your homework out session, setting a time goal is key to keep your fitness program running. You don’t have to sweat for hours every day to keep your body in shape. To start workout for at home, you just start with simple exercise and for a limited period of time. give a few minutes for exercise every day and you can see the real difference in both your look and feel. 

Basic beginner workout at home tips – workout at home without equipment

In this section of the content, you will come to know about some exercise forms that you can practice workout at home without equipment. You don’t have to spend money on buying workout equipment if you are just a beginner. So, now let’s check out those forms of workout at home without equipment. 

  • Walking: Walking is said to be one of the best forms of exercise for beginners. However, finding enough time for a walk at the right location is not possible. If the weather is not cooperating or if you need to be at home for a certain time to take care of your child, what will you do then? So, accomplishing everyday activities can turn into a workout. 
  • Getting in and out of the chair: The simple and easiest act of sitting down or standing up helps to stabilize your hips, tighten your tummy and engage the leg muscles. This form of exercise is great for beginners and the best part is that they can do this at home. You can even see this form of workout in advanced gym workouts. 

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  • Up and down the stairs: Stairs can become a great part of the home workout challenge. Getting up and down the stairs can help strengthening your upper and lower legs. This is also a great exercise for the backside of your body. Moreover, your heart rate increases when climbing stairs. This is an excellent cardio exercise. However, climbing the stairs can be a bit difficult but walking down the stairs requires knee stability and balance. 
  • Getting up and down from the floor: This is a workout at home without equipment. This act of sitting down and getting up from the floor needs full-body strength coordination and flexibility. This kind of functional movement of the body helps in building the skills require for accomplishing more complex activities in the advanced gym. 

Once you become comfortable with all these workouts at home without equipment, try to do each activity for at least five minutes before you move to the next. Repeat the series three or five times at least to make a complete workout session that you can do from the comfort of your home and without any exercising equipment. 

Check out at home workout plan without equipment

  • Cardio: Any kind of exercise that increases our heart rate and makes us breath faster is considered cardio exercise. However, it mainly refers to the activities that aim at improving stamina and endurance like –

Moderate cardio: This form of exercise includes dancing, brisk walking, cycling, jogging, and swimming. 

Intense cardio: This form of exercise includes fast cycling, running, brisk walk up a hill, and swimming laps. 

Flexibility and mobility training: This form of exercise mainly focused on improving the flexibility of the body as well as active range of motion. 

Strength training: Any type of exercise which uses resistance for building muscle strength. Using bodyweight as a part of resistance has multiple benefits. 

How much exercising time is required weekly for health benefits

  • Cardio exercise: As a beginner, you should practice at least 150 minutes of cardio exercise throughout the week. Along with this, you should practice at least 75 minutes of intense cardio or both throughout the week. 
  • Training for strength: This is a kind of exercise that involves major muscles and this should be practiced two or more days a week. 

Well, this may sound a lot, but the best thing is that you can adjust the timing of the exercise as per your own schedule and you can include these forms of exercise as a part of your daily home workout plan. As it is suggested that cardio exercise should be practiced at least 10 minutes per day, you can divide the timing for your workout into many workout sessions per week. The above-mentioned forms are at home workout plan without equipment. 

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Check out some useful tips on how to start at home workout plan without equipment

Before you start your workout plan, make sure you follow these important tips. Now let’s check them out –

Choose your inspiration and set a goal

How many times you have thought about starting a workout plan and then failed to make it happen? Well, many people like you have faced this situation and that’s why it is important to set a goal first. Think about what you want to do like whether you would like to be in better shape so that you can feel more productive and energized or keep with kids as they grow older. You must find an inspiration first and set your goals whether a long-term goal or a short-term goal. 

Start with small and track your overall progress

Starting small means you should start with short-term goals such as focus on one week, plan your workout for the day and then complete the next workout. Make a challenge to manage at least 15 to 45 minutes in a day for a workout session. Once you successfully finish the one-week challenge, take another step- aim for another workout session for the next week and add additional five minutes for cardio exercise. Setting a workout routine and sticking to it is more important than how much time you are giving for the workout. 

Here are some options that you should do while experiencing a setback

  • If you have planned a workout but suddenly felt you don’t have the energy to start workout or if you feel that you are too much exhausted in the morning, just take a break and focus on your eating in order to improve your nutrition level. If you are feeling too tired in the afternoon, following a quick and easy workout to feel relaxed. 
  • Are you feeling stressed or lost motivation completely for a workout? Well, it is normal to get this kind of feeling. Skip a day or focus on getting quality sleep. 
  • If you have skipped a couple of days and are still feeling bad? Try to find out the cause of this kind of feeling. You should focus on preparing yourself and continue from where you have left. Remember every setback bring new motivation and insights if you look too deeper. 

You may feel demotivated sometimes. To keep yourself always focused, you must follow these above-mentioned tips. 

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You should push yourself to stay motivated all the time. But you should not practice any kind of exercise when you have muscle pain or so. The actual battle is in your head. If you can continue your workout for the first month without any fail, you can easily make it a habit. Once you make the daily workout a habit and learn to perform all exercises smoothly, you are on your fitness journey. 

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