7 markets of Andaman that Every Shopaholic will Love:

Andaman is not only about picturesque beaches and breathtakingly beautiful islands. There is much more to see and experience in Andaman. Yes, Andaman is also a hub of amazing restaurants, historic places, and vibrant markets.
It means you can not only chill at the beaches or enjoy the water sports, but you can also indulge in shopping and try some scrumptious food in Andaman! A trip is totally incomplete without shopping; so you should visit the top markets of Andaman and buy the tropical souvenirs to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Talking about shopping, Andaman has lots of dazzling markets that every shopaholic will love. These markets remain flooded with tourists who go there to purchase the best island products. Andaman tourism also promotes local artists to create unique products and showcase their talents to the tourists.

Well, if you are a true shopaholic, then you should never miss visiting these top 7 markets of Andaman on your trip:

1. Aberdeen Bazaar:

Situated in Port Blair, Aberdeen Bazaar is one of the best markets in Andaman. People visiting Port Blair usually go to this market to buy different artefacts of Andaman. The market is quite big and features a variety of products.
Ranging from simple household products to intricately designed artefacts and goods, you will find a lot of things here. You can also get products made up of seashells and coconuts like coconut shell lamps, shell jewellery, bamboo cane craft etc. in this market. You should also try your bargaining skills here to obtain your favourite items at a reasonable price.

2. Sagarika Government Emporium:

Sagarika Government Emporium is another market in Port Blair that has been established by the government of Andaman to promote the skills of local artists, provide a fair platform to local sellers and boost Andaman tourism. This market is the place where you will find the best creations of locals.
These people earn their living by creating exquisite products out of wood, seashells and jute. All these products are handmade, but you won’t believe in this fact after viewing the well-thought designs of their amazing products. You will find a wide variety of handicrafts, wooden items, mirrors, apparels and many more things here. People who are looking for authentic Andamani products should surely visit this market.

3. M.G. Road:

Located in Port Blair, M.G. Road is named after the famous Indian figure Mahatma Gandhi and it portrays Indian culture in an impressive way. M.G. Road is a must-visit place for every shopping lover as it is the main shopping hub of Port Blair.
Tourists from every part of Andaman come here for shopping because it’s the only place featuring every type of shops. One can find household as well as luxurious items here. This market holds something special for every budget! The market is very vast, and you can also find many eateries, cafes and resorts near it.

4. Queen Sea Covering Craft:

Queen Sea Covering Craft is a specific shop that is located in Aberdeen Bazaar of Port Blair. We have mentioned it here due to the amazing artefacts that you can get from this store. People who don’t like to stroll in the market or have a little time for shopping should directly go to this shop to get some of the best products of Andaman.
A variety of things like coconut shell lamps, seashell earrings, bracelets and lockets, and all types of seashell items are available in this store. Get ready to be confused as you will find lots of variety here. But, in the end, you will surely find something at this store that will touch your heart!

5. Electrical Plaza:

We know that buying electric items is not in the list of any tourist or traveller, but still, shopaholics never miss a chance for window shopping. So, you can go to this electric hub of Andaman for window shopping, strolling or buying chargers and wires in case you forget to pack one.
This market is also situated in Port Blair, and you will find every type of electrical thing here. From chargers to wires for your cameras, laptops and T.V. screens, you will find everything here. You can get high-quality products at affordable prices at Electrical Plaza.

6. Andaman Handicraft Emporium:

People who love handicrafts products should go to the Andaman Handicraft Emporium; which is a store located in the M.G. Road market. You will find lots of beautiful seashell products here.
The best thing is that these handicraft items are authentic and you can get them at an affordable price here. So, you should not miss visiting this store while exploring M.G. Road market.

7. Beach Markets:

Apart from these main markets, you will find many stalls selling beautiful products at the main beaches of Andaman. One such market is Market No. 3 at Havelock Island. You can find various seashell items, wooden jewellery, bags and lamps here.
These markets remain open till afternoon. If you forgot to pack your swimming or diving essential, then you should not worry because all these things are also available in the beach markets of Andaman. These markets are also ideal for buying some souvenirs or just spending time doing window shopping with your loved ones.
So, visit any of the above-given shopping hubs to satiate the shopaholic within you! Take some extra bags as you will surely come back home with loads of products from Andaman. Yes, you won’t be able to resist them!

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