Burger King stays open without power or water for hours before closing

Hey, all Junkies out there. How you doing? Are you hungry? Then how about some cheesy fries from Burger king or that veggie Burger? We all think of eating out at Burger King when we are hungry and lazy to cook. So, do you know the hours of operation of Burger King? If yes then skip the hours part but If no, then this article will guide you and tell you some horrifying part of the incident that happened in Burger King.

Usually, Burger King opens up at 6 A.M and close till 1 A.M. both on weekdays and weekends. These are the general Burger King hours of operations and if you don’t want any trouble, you should always check out the local store before going there. 

So, recently there is a news that was flowing around in all of the USA about Convincing Burger King. It was really breaking in the walls and floating across the nation that our Burger King was operating without heat and water during cold nights in January. It was shocking news. In January it is usually very cold. The average temperature is around 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Can we Imagine working in minus 5-degree Celsius without heat and water? The only place that was warm was the bathroom. This is really exploiting the employees. 

It is said that the CO2 tank was frozen. For those of you who do not know what CO2 tank is, it is used for making the fizz in the cold drinks. Aah, that cola with Burger. But damn it was frozen. And who will drink that in such temperature without heat? The water was frozen in the pipe and there was absolutely no water supply. They could only make sandwiches in such situations. It is said

that one of the employees told that he has been working since 5 A.M in the morning and his hands were freezing with cold.

This situation has brought light upon the exploitation the employers do to their employees. I love Burger King but this is just not fair. The manager said that he kept bringing sweaters to keep everyone warm. It should have been shut down according to the health department. But no, they kept it open. In such a situation I do not think anyone would have come to visit Burger King. It was freezing cold, frozen tank, and yes the room would have been frozen too in such case. The whole continent was shocked by such news. It is terrifying to work under such circumstances. 

Do you know that Hypothermia can happen even when you are indoors, exposed to cold temperatures without heat? It is a really dangerous situation where your body loses an enormous amount of heat and which can really freeze you to death. Hypothermia can occur to anyone even within 10 to 15 minutes. If you fall on the floor without any heat, you will catch it faster and if yer wet, yer doomed man. So it is really good the employees were not really harmed.

Even though this is not just an example of exploitation. There are many other stories like this and worst than this. So, let us raise our voices against such incidents and let us hope that it never happens again.

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