Top 20 lip-smacking street foods in India you should try at least once in a life

Best Street Foods in India

Indian street foods are quite famous. We do not any proper reason to hang-out with golgappe-waala or bhel-puri waala. Whether it is about waiting for friends or sutta-break in office, we just can’t resist ourselves digging into not so healthy but tasty dishes.  They are scrumptious roadside delights. Can you really imagine strolling the Park streets in Kolkata without tasting the lip-smacking golgappa or puchkas? Have you ever imagined walking through the crowded lanes of Mumbai without taking a bite of Vada Pav? India is a proud nation where every city has its own taste and special food culture. The wide-variety of lip-smacking dishes are popular street foods which give hunger pangs.

If your mouth has already started watering, hold on your taste buds because here we are going to present a list which will definitely fill your tummy. So, come with us and we will take you to a delicious journey where you will come to know about 20 types of lip-smacking street foods ranging from North to South and thereby give you the real taste of India.

Here Are Top 20 Indian Street Foods:

1. Tunday Kabab, A Rich Treat Of Awadh Culture

best street food in india
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It is the most relished non-vegetarian cooking of Lucknow and the most popular street food of India.

2. Litti Chokha, A Dish About Simplicity

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Litti Chokha is the Bihari version of Dal Batti of Rajasthan. What makes this dish more popular is the love of Bihari which makes it a perfect meal that you can take as a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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3. Aloo Tikki, A Crunchy Road-Side Delight

street foods in india
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If you think that this is a perfect road-side delight which Delhi has given to the rest of the country, you are absolutely right.

4. Chhole Bhature, A Perfect Punjabi Street Food

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Yes, it is a delightful Punjabi street food that has received wide-popularity all over India.

5. Lakhanpur de Bhalle

It is a fried snack which is best served with green chutney and shredded radish chutney.

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6. Momos, An All-Time Favorite Street Food

There is no such second opinion why this dish is one of the most popular street foods in India.

7. Puchka or Pani-Puri

Puchkas are the Bengali version of Golgappe or Pani Puri.

8. Chow-mein

It is one such dish which has made street foods very popular in India.

9. Chaat, A Delightful Fusion of Tangy, Sweet And Sour

Coming from North Indian cuisine, Chaat can be found in various forms such as Bhel puri, dahi Puri, Paani Puri whatever name you prefer to ask.

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10. Poha-Jalebi

It is certainly the best road-side treat of Madhya Pradesh.

11. Thupka Soup, It Is Not Just A Soup

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It is a lip-smacking Tibetan soup which makes you feel delightful in winters. It is prepared with noodles, strong spices and veggies which offer an ultimate touch to this dish.

12. Vada Pao, The Mini Version Of The Burger

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The whole Maharastra runs of this famous Indian version of burger.

13. Kachori

It is a Rajasthani delight which is popular or its rich flavor and exotic taste.

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14. Misali pav

It is a light snack found in the streets of Mumbai.

15. Dabeli

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It is a popular and very tasty snack of Gujrat region

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16. Akki Roti

It is not only a good evening snack but it is also popular as a tummy fill tiffin snack.

17. Paddu

street food in India

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Paddu is one of the popular dishes of South India. To define it in simple terms, it is a smaller version of dosa.

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18. Bombil Fry

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It is a favorite sea food which you can relish in the streets of Mumbai.

19. Mirchi Bajji

street food in India
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It is a great tourist attraction street food of Hyderabad.

20. Ragi Mudde

street food in India
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It is a famous South Indian food which is beyond Idlis and Dosas. Therefore, these are the 20 types of street foods of India which you must try at least once in your lifetime

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