Follicular monitoring

What is follicular monitoring

Follicular monitoring is a process where ultrasound monitoring is done for the ovarian follicles to see the maturation of the eggs and ovulation. In Follicular monitoring, the ovary and uterus are internally scanned with the help of a sterile transducer paying appropriate attention to the follicles within the ovaries. The term ‘follicle’ is a liquefied area where the eggs grow. As the egg grows the follicle size also increases, it also helps in managing the thickness of the uterine lining. Follicular monitoring is an important component of IVF where the follicular study is done. 

If a woman is not able to conceive or had miscarriages then Follicular monitoring is also done to know the reason for that. Mishka IVF, the best IVF center in Jaipur provides the best services and has the highest success in IVF. If you are facing any infertility problems or any reproductive problems then come to Mishka IVF

Follicular Monitoring process 

Follicular monitoring is done for the women who have problems with infertility and who are taking medications for that. A follicle scan is done serval times during the women’s menstrual cycle. It’s a painless procedure where a follicle scan is done to know the growth of the follicle in the ovary. The fertility specialist first sees how much follicles does the patient has and what is the size of them. According to that, the fertility specialist prescribes medicines and doses. If the patient is going for IUI then the doctors will make one or two follicles for the procedure and if the patient is going for IVF then the doctors will make at least 10 to 15 follicles. After some time the doctors will see the results with follicular monitoring. If the doctor sees the good results in the procedure then the patient goes for IUI OR IVF( the treatment which the patient is taking). If there are no results seen after giving the meditation then the follicular monitoring is done again and again till the doctor sees any results. 

Is Follicular Monitoring is painful?

Follicular is done by ultrasound which creates high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves are passed through the skin which is reflected in the internal organs which creates a picture on a screen. The procedure is not painful it is like all the other procedures where the ultrasound is used. The procedure is done on the abdomen part where the gel is used and which might be cold and can be a little uncomfortable but is not painful. When the procedure is done transvaginally, an instrument is placed inside the vagina which is called probe which is placed using a lubricant. This can prevent discomfort shouldn’t cause pain. The follicular monitoring test takes some minutes.

Follicular monitoring test price

 A follicular monitoring test can be done in the fertility center. Follicular monitoring cost depends on the clinic and depends on the procedure for which the patient is taking the follicular monitoring. Follicular monitoring cost in India starts from Rs600.00 to Rs 4000.00. 

How Many Scans Are Carried Out in a Single Cycle for follicular monitoring?

When the women are on the normal menstrual cycle the doctor advised the patient to do at least 4 to 6 scans. More scans are done to identify when the ovulation will occur. The doctor will find this when follicle disappears from the picture which is taken from scanning or the follicle walls collapses or becomes irregular. The scan is a simple process that takes around 5 to 10 minutes. 

Why a person should take follicle scans?

There are many major reasons why follicular monitoring is needed, including

For IVF treatment

If someone has a history of miscarriages

Unsure if ovulating

Not ovulating at all 

Patients using Clomid(medication which is given for infertility problems)

What should be the size of the follicle to get pregnant?

 The average diameter size of the follicle before ovulation is between 22 to 24mm it can range from 18-36mm. The size of the follicle depends on the medications that the doctors give. It depends on the medication dose which is given to the patient and how the body is reacting to it. Women that have low antral follicle numbers can get pregnant. When the first follicular monitoring happens it may don’t give any good results but after the changes infertility drugs, the next follicular monitoring ultrasound may give better results. 


Women who have infertility problems can have a problem because of many reasons. To know the reason for infertility or not conceiving follicular monitoring is done which can see the follicles status. If you are thinking of taking IVF or IUI treatment then follicular monitoring will be done. If you have any infertility problem then come to Mishka IVF, the Best IVF center in Jaipur which will give the best services and highest quality of care.

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