top 10 best Nike Sports Running Shoes for Men

Top 10 best Nike running shoes for men in India

Nike is a well-known brand in the world. It offers a very stylish and comfortable range of sneakers. Their shoes cover almost all types of sports from basketball, running to everyday casual shoes. You can get Nike shoes in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. It has a magnificent finish which you cannot even imagine. Here, in this content, you will come to know about the 10 best Nike running shoes for men which will give athletic apparel. Let’s have a look at them –

Best Nike Running Shoes

1. Nike air zoom Pegasus 36

Nike has a reputation in the class elite athletes. It is a fashion first brand, there are many top runners who will tell you that the performance line of running shoes come in the first class. The brand Nike has been established by elite runners and the company found its early success from its high-end running shoes. The company designed and manufactured these shoes in an innovative manner.  There is no other brand that can epitomize the Nike brand’s commitment to the sport. The Nike air zoom Pegasus 36 has been specifically made for the runners. It is one of the best Nike shoes to run in. 

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As the name suggests, the brand Nike has been manufacturing these shoes for more than 36 years. Surprised? Don’t be. It is true. This shoe comes in the list of longest-running shoes in the industry. It is the most liked shoes by the runners because it has a good balance of features. It has the right amount of cushioning which is reasonably lightweight and provides a comfortable feeling. It stays durable even after 350 miles of use. For those who are casual runners, this shoe fits them well also. Not only this, if you are working in a marathon, this shoe can be used for high-intensity speed.

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe –

  • It belongs to a well-known brand Nike
  • It has a great cushioning effect
  • It is versatile
  • It is highly affordable

2. Nike Runallday Sports Running shoe for men

If you are one of those who like trailing and hiking, this Nike runallday sports running shoe for men is absolutely for them. It comes in the list of the best running Nike shoes. The brand has made some of the popular trail shoes and among them, this Nike shoe is the one and the most popular one as well. Part of All Conditions Gear Series, this shoe sits in a nice place between a flexible runner and technical trekker.

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The shoe comes with a multi-layer fabric which makes it breathable and has a rock plate in the midsole that protects the foot from hard and pointed things. The cushioning effect of the shoe with Nike’s runallday sports technology is truly commendable. Its sticky rubber and nice pattern makes the right gripping. These runallday sports running shoes will surely take you away.

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe –

  • It comes with an affordable price tag than other trail shoes
  • It is lightweight
  • It is protective and cushioned

3. Nike Revolution 4 sports running shoes for men

This shoe is a lighter weight version of normal Pegasus. It has been made for track workouts and fast training. The midsole of the shoe is ZoomX, the same foam is used for running shoes as well. It is the best Nike running shoes for men.

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe –

  • It comes with efficient ZoomX foam
  • It is light upper and redesigned thin
  • It has a highly breathable upper

4. Nike Zoom Structure 22

This Nike zoom structure 22 has been designed specifically for daily stability trainer. However, for everyday running, this shoe is not worthy of your investment.

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe –

  • A lot of color options are available in this range
  • It has an updated upper structure

Nike react running shoes

The name React has been given to Nike’s foam based shoes. Originally, this shoe has been introduced for basketball players, but it has made its way in the line of running shoes for its outstanding features. The main feature of this react foam shoe is that it is a combination of responsiveness and cushioning.

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5. Nike men’s legend react running shoe

This Nike men’s legend React shoe brings in a lot of features for the athletes. It gives runners all levels of comfort. In fact, daily trainers can get a high level of comfort wearing this. Some may find it a bit pricey but it is worth the extra cost because it comes in the list of Nike best shoes. 

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe –

  • It has a very smooth fitting upper
  • It has an energizing react foam
  • It has modern styling

6. Nike Odyssey React 2 Flyknit

It is needless to say that this Nike Odyssey React 2 Flyknit is the best in the range of Nike shoes for men running. It is packed and potential offering stability with med supportive upper and med-high arch with a touch of comfort, flexibility, and low volume fit. When you will tie this shoe with a heel lock lacing, it will save your feet from pinching. React shoes provide its users a soft yet springy and light ride. 

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe

  • It is extremely light-weight
  • The flyknit upper of tis shoe is flexible and also at the same time moderately supportive
  • It offers a soft yet responsive cushion
  • It offers a supportive ride in med high arch shoe

7. Nike Legend React 2 running shoe

If you are thinking what makes the shoe different from the rest of the shoes is its super level of flexibility and comfort. In fact, this shoe is shaping the current market trend and therefore, they are a popular choice among both athletes and the common people. The most important element of Nike Legend React shoe is its React foam which is made using a new type of polymer that ensures its highest level of comfort. This polymer product comes with some extra-ordinary features such as energy efficiency, extra durability, better performance, long-lasting comfort and so on. 

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe

  • It is made using peppy react foam
  • It is inexpensive

8. Nike free running shoes

Now comes another segment of Nike shoes and it is none other than Nike shoes for men’s running. Before the barefoot runners started running their shoes, the brand Nike has introduced this “Free” range of running shoes with a simple idea and this idea is that it helps to stimulate the foot muscles and create a balance. It will be the best companion for your running session. Therefore, while racing shoes enhance your speed of running, but when you will wear this shoe, you will get extreme flexibility so that your feet can get natural training. 

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9. Nike free RN Flyknit 2017

This Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017 is a lightweight shoe and an excellent item for the daily trainer which wraps around your feet and made movement extremely flexible from aspects. It makes a few changes than the previous model but it is made with the extremely soft outsole and flexible upper which provides runners a smooth and pleasant ride.

  • It fits in properly and does not flop around
  • It’s sole extremely smooth and comfortable
  • A lot of color ranges are available from mild to wild color choices

Nobody can deny this fact that Nike’s recent dominance in the range of running shoes for men is truly incomparable. The huge amount of victories show the commitment of the brand towards the runners. Nike shoe sportsmen are specifically made for making them victorious in marathon racing.

Features Of This Nike Running Shoe:

  • This shoe is extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • The upper material of this shoe is lightweight and breathes well
  • The show keeps your feet in the right place and saves your foot from the pointed things

10. Nike men’s revolution 4 running shoes

To define this shoe’s quality in simple terms, it can rightly be said that Nike has designed the greatest nike shoe zoom which comes in the range of Marathon racing shoe. It is an amalgam of both design and comfort which set it apart from other shoes. 

If you are going to take part in a marathon racing, the buying this shoe will be worth of your investment. It is an absolute best shoe for long distances. Therefore, without a second thought, you must purchase it immediately. You may think that it is a bit pricey, but it is a great investment if you are a serious runner.

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Features Of This Nike Running Shoe

  • It creates an incredible cushioning effect with ZoomX foam
  • The mesh upper of this shoe comes in absolute forms without hotspot
  • This shoe will definitely make you running faster and more efficient
  • It will never make you unstable or slow
  • It comes with a flat ever design 

 How to choose the right Nike men’s shoes for running?

Finding or choosing the best fitting shoe from so many choices is truly a difficult task. You need both knowledge and experience in selecting the right one. To make sure that you walk happily, you must choose a shoe that fits your feet properly from heel to toe and it should make you feel comfortable if you are a regular runner. To help you in this respect and to make your task a bit easier, here, we bring to you basic tips following which you will surely be benefitted.

Before you buy a new pair of running shoes, it is important that you should be aware of all the little details of the shoes which will be with you for the next hundred miles. You will also come to know what to expect during the shoe buying process. Before start searching the right pair of shoes, it is really very important to understand the purpose of each element that a running shoe holds. Also at that same time, you have to understand the fact that how the slightest differentiation can affect your experience. Here are some important elements you must pay a look at before buying Nike shoes sportsmen.

  • Upper

This element is all above the sole. In the early days, it is made using layers of fabric and mesh shown glued together. But the modern models are a bit different from the traditional ones. The modern models use printing and knitting for creating the upper level of the shoe.

What you must check out: your shoe’s upper level should be shaped like your foot and smooth at the same time wherever it touches, not chafing anywhere. 

  • Ankle collar

The element basically rests on the top of the shoe opening the heel down in place. There are some shoes that use thick padding while others mostly rely on the shape.

What you must check out: You must pay attention to whether your heel slips or not, how the shoe’s padding interacting with the bones and ankles of your skin etc.

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  • Heel counter: It is a semi-rigid cup inside the rare foot that supports your heel. Some shoes have an external heel wrap while others prefer minimalist heel which allows full freedom of movement. Research has proved that heel does not control motion rather it provides stable support to heels.

What you must check out: You should consider buying those pair of shoes which allow comfortable ankle motion. 

  • Saddle

This is the area of the shoe which falls between the ball and ankle of the foot. It interacts with the laces that hold the shoe tightly on its place. in recent days, the designers have developed a variety of eyelets, overlays and lacing systems. 

What you must check out: you must pay attention on how the saddle fits and hold your foot. It offers a secure feeling with no slippage. 

  • Toebox

It is the upper front of the eyelets which you can find at the end of the shoe. Capped with a toe bumper, it holds the fabric off your toes and protects your feet from stubbing. 

What you must check out: The toebox of your shoe must stay out of the way. it allows your foot to spread out naturally in both length and width without rubbing your toes. 

  • Outsole: It is an important element of a shoe. The outsole is something where the rubber meets the road. A variety of rubber and foam compounds are placed specially in strategic areas which increases wear life and enhance the shoe’s flexibility and bounce. 

What you must check out: You must look for those pair of shoes which traction and durability without adding excess stiffness and weight. It should provide desired amount of stability underfoot. 

  • Toe spring: in order to make the shoe bend the way you bend your foot, toe spring is provided. Small amount of differences in locations can alter the mechanics and feeling of comfort as well. 

What you must check out: A shoe which comes with easy flexibility and you can roll it the way you bend your foot is something you should consider to buy. If you are a serious runner, then it is an important factor to consider. 

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  • Midsole: The foam liner which rests between the upper and the outsole of the shoe is called the midsole. It is designed to provide a cushioning feeling to the runner. It guides the foot through the stride.

What you must check out: you must check out for the kind of midsole which is neither too firm nor too soft. It should not add excess weight to the shoe. 

  • Heel cushioning: The heel cushioning is designed to minimize the impact of heel strike. Various types of cushioning materials are used but some shoes come with the softer crash pad on the outer edge of the foot. It makes a smooth landing of your foot. Therefore, it can rightly be said that heel cushioning offers a high level of comfort to the body.

What you must check out: You should lookout for a shoe which provides a balance between stability and cushioning. It must offer comfort landing. You must check out whether the shoe touches down where you expect and rolls the way you feel comfortable.

  • Sockliner

It is basically the removable pad of foam that you find inside the shoe. It contours the bottom of your foot. The sock liner is something that most people prefer to as arch support.

What you must check out: You should pay attention to how you feel while running wearing these shoes. Though, feeling softer is not always good but the shoe must work dynamically offering support and cushioning effect.

What are the common shoe buying mistakes?

  • Mistake #1: Buying because of good get up: there are some runners who are concerned with fashion while some others prefer to stay away from this. People who buy a pair of shoes because of great looks often end up coming back in just a few months claiming that they are not feeling comfortable with it. Therefore, when you buy, consider its fittings and comfort. Fashion is not a considerable factor.
  • Mistake #2: Not asking for any discount: When you are ready to pay for buying a pair of shoes, you must ask whether any discount available for the item. Most of the shoe stores offer attractive discounts. 
  • Mistake #3: Buying tight-fitting shoes: If you buy tight-fitting shoes, it will ultimately lead to black toenails and blister kind of thing. Most of the women prefer to wear close-fitting or tight-fitting shoes as they feel that it perfectly fits the size of their feet. But it is a wrong purchasing technique. The shoe should be roomy enough to provide comfort in the forefoot. 
  • Mistake #4: Shopping during the wrong time of the day: Yes, it is another mistake that most of the buyers make. Very often people come during the morning time and say that this is the type of shoe, they are looking for. Then they come back in the next day and say that these shoes are tight-fitting. Basically, your feet start swelling in the morning. Therefore, it is advised to buy shoes in the evening only. 
  • Mistake#5: Assuming all brands have the same size: there are many people who think that size is a size which means number 8 size in a Nike shoe will remain the same as 8 for other brands as well. But sizes differ from brand to brand because of different foot forms. 

Well, these are the mistakes that are mentioned above. Now, we will provide you some helpful tips which you must follow for buying the best Nike shoes to run in. Now let’s have a look at them –

  • It is always a better option to go to a specialty running shop where a salesperson can help you select the right pair of running shoes which fit your feet properly and provide you support and comfort.
  • You may think that you know the exact size of your foot, but it is always great to measure your feet each time while buying a new pair of shoes. The size of the feet changes over time. 
  • When you are going to buy your shoes, you must take along your socks or any other inserts which you use. This will help you to know how well the shoes fit your feet. 
  • Running shoes must be changed or replaced after every 300 to 500 miles. You must keep the track of the date you bought the shoes. 

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In today’s fashion world, shoes have become an integral part of a man’s closet. Men also love to keep a different pair of shoes such as dozens of formal pair of shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes and so on. it is the quality and design of the shoe that spice up your personality and Nike shoes stand high in this respect. Various international brands have come now in the Indian market but Nike shoes are always special.

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