How to Gain Followers on Instagram

How to Gain Followers on Instagram

With over 40 million users and counting, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the top social media outlets. A great way to boost your business, your brand’s visibility, and ultimately your sales, is to leverage Instagram’s user base to grow your business quickly. Instagram offers a platform that allows you to reach customers instantly and has become an integral marketing tool for many businesses. Here are 10 simple steps to gain more Instagram followers for your business.

Optimize your Instagram page

Prior to you begin actually engaging with Instagram viewers, it is crucial to optimize your Instagram page. Your page should have a layout that engaging with users while providing a useful insight into what you have to offer. Think of your Instagram bio as your store’s homepage, only with Instagram. Add useful content, graphics, and videos where appropriate to draw in subscribers, and constantly interact with followers by answering their questions or commenting on their posts. A well-optimized Instagram profile will ensure that you gain followers from all walks of life.

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Create relevant Instagram content

If you’re just getting started with Instagram, it’s a good idea to begin with relevant Instagram content. Start by creating promotional content that is eye-catching and engaging. This will engage the audience, as well as allow you to answer any questions that they may have. From there, it’s easy to build relationships with key influencers within your target market, and grow your brand using Sprout Social.

Use the right hashtags

As mentioned above, the right hashtags can boost engagement and draw in a broad range of audiences. However, you should also make sure that the content you share on Instagram relates to the keywords you’re trying to promote. For example, if you’re promoting a brand of mattress, you might want to choose the #instagrammattress phrase when adding captions, so that you reach an audience of people who already know what mattress means.

Promote your Instagram posts using the correct tags

Brands with a large following tend to benefit from using the right tags, as they allow users to instantly recognize the brand. If you can, try to use one of the top-ranking Instagram images for each tag as well. Researching which tags are the most effective can be a great way to promote your Instagram content and draw in an audience that is specifically interested in what you have to offer.

Posting regularly can help you get noticed on Instagram live

Experts say that posting at least once a week is beneficial, as it helps keep followers engaged and informed. If you are regularly posting Instagram live videos, you are sure to draw in more followers and potentially earn more money through pay-per-posts or sponsorships.

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Use Instagram analytics to identify the best times of day to post.

 A recent study revealed that people are more likely to watch videos during specific times of the day, such as early morning and late evening. If you’re marketing on Instagram and know the best times to post based on these trends, you can schedule posts accordingly. Insights from Instagram analytics show that users are more likely to engage with brands during particular hours, so scheduling videos and posting to your accounts at these times can yield better results.

With these tips, you can see that there are many ways to drive more followers to your Instagram account, which will lead to greater chances of revenue. Ultimately, your goal is to post consistently and attract an audience who will become regular customers. The key to gaining this goal is engagement and following trends. If you’re consistent and follow the trends set by your customers, you will gain more Instagram followers and have a larger audience who will purchase products from you. The analytics provided by Instagram can help you determine the best times of day to be posting and watch for the results of the engagement and following trends, which will result in greater profitability.

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