How To Maintain The Battery Of Rickshaw For Better And Long Performance?

Do you know, the Battery Rickshaw is considered as the future vehicle? The shift from oil and gas to electricity is a really sustainable and positive effort. As the pollution of the environment is increasing day by day, it is the high time to try this new way of transport. Many people are taking the opportunity to invest in this new venture of e-rickshaw business. 

The main power of this e-rickshaw is its battery. It enables the vehicle to transport it without adding pollution in the environment. However, it is very important to take care of the battery of Rickshaw as it is the main secret of the efficiency of the vehicle. Nowadays, it has become the most trusted way to reach the short distance. In almost every Indian cities, town or even village, it is the most preferred way to communicate. 

In India, road transport is quite a vital thing. Billions of people every day take the advantage of the public and private road transport to reach their destination. Among all, Battery Rickshaw has become one of the affordable, quickest and safe modes. The only thing the owners have to do is maintain the battery to continue to get the practice day after day. 

What are the challenges that Battery Rickshaw face?

Till now, this mode of the vehicle is considered a pollution-free and trusted way. However, there are some challenges it can face while transporting on road.

The challenges are:

  • The main problem is the battery as it may lose its charge on the middle of a journey.
  • The breakdown of the battery is also quite common.

The reason behind these problems is simple i.e low maintenance. On the other hand, taking good care of the battery is not rocket science at all. They have to follow some simple rules that will extend the life and performance of the battery for sure.

How to maintain battery for rickshaw?  

As there is less risk involved in e-rickshaw comparing to fuel operated transports. The only thing they have to do is maintaining the battery for it. Check out the following important suggestions that will keep the performance better:

  • While purchasing batteries for rickshaw, you have to keep in mind that all the units must be same as using batteries of different capacities, ages and brand can hamper the performance. 
  • The connecting cable that you going to be used in the battery must have right quality and size. 
  • Always use a layer of petroleum jelly to tight it. 
  • The batteries should be checked in every two months by the technicians.
  • The quality of the charger should be good and compatible with the battery that can provide maximum output. 
  • In case, you find out that the battery is damaged or dead, then replace it immediately.
  • You must switch off all the functions before leaving the rickshaw. 
  • Always use dry clean cotton clothes to wipe the battery.
  • You must select the battery with right capacity.

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