What Are The Things you Should Know Before Buying Water Purifiers Online?

Online is the best place to purchase different household things as they have a huge collection, better price and doorstep delivery. With the raging contamination in the tap water, the purifier has become a common item in every household. If you want to buy the Water Purifiers Online, then you must know information like what types of impurities can be removed and how. Only then you will be able to purchase a product that will last longer and offer a good value for your investment.

What are the impurities that will be removed from water?

There are two types of water contaminations like TDS and impurities.

TDS or Total Dissolved Salts: Excess quantities of salt in water can damage the kidney and there are many other health impacts of drinking the water with higher TDS. The required level of Total Dissolved Salts should be 100 – 500. The water purifier must maintain the level within the range.

Impurities: There are mainly two types of impurities present in the water; one is physically separable and another is chemically separable. The physical impurities like clay, small pebbles or small wood sticks can be separated in the pre-filtration part. The semi-permeable layers like the RO membrane and the activated charcoal membrane will filter the chemical impurities.

What will be the types of water sources that the water purifier can clear?

  • Municipal Water: If you get the water from the local municipality, then the TDS will be around 500. You can also check the water quality in the lab. You can also taste the water and if it is not feeling good then you must check the quality. The Water Purifiers Online will help you to get rid of those.
  • Ground Water: Many people still use groundwater for drinking. Generally, the TDS level is higher in groundwater. In some areas, it can go up to 2000+ which is quite dangerous to drink. Installing water purifiers in those areas is highly recommended.
  • Multiple Sources: For those areas that don’t have a reliable supply of municipal water, they may have to rely on the groundwater as well. Water from both of the sources is storing in one tank, then the TDS level will be inconsistent.

What are the types of water purifiers available in the market?

While searching for Water Purifiers Online, you will get to know different terms like RO, UV, and UF.

Reverse Osmosis (RO): In this process, the molecules have to pass through semi-permeable membranes to make the water fit for drinking.

Ultraviolet Ray (UV): The UV ray kills all the germs and bacteria of the water to make it pure and healthy. However, it does not remove the dissolved solids.

Ultrafiltration (UF): The UF membrane filters the larger particles, bacteria, and viruses from the water.

TDS Controller: Drinking water that is below 200 TDS is also harmful to health as the essential elements will be absent from it. The TDS controller adds the essential minerals into the water to make it healthy and tasty.

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