Is it possible to monitor kids with a hidden cell phone tracker app?

A hidden cell phone tracker app is vitally important for the parents to have a fair look into the activities of their children. Nowadays, as technological advancement has leaded the more use of electronic gadgets, the children using mobile phones need to be monitored all the time. All this can be done using a cell phone tracker app. 

The parents need to do this owing to the safety and security of their kids from any potential threats or harms. The reported instances of harassment and cyber bullying are on the rise today, and most of the time, children do not share the ongoing situation with their parents due to the feeling of embarrassment and deterioration of reputation. So, to actively safeguard the child’s long term interest, parents need to spy on the child’s whereabouts. 

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The major source of cyber bullying and harassment is social media, as every social media app is globally used, and there are lots of strangers that come in contact with the child and sometimes prove to be a nightmare for them. 

There are number of hidden cell phone tracker apps that provide spying services to the parents, but the best of them is OgyMogy. The secret spy app does all this with no hint to the target user because at the smallest of disruptions, the child may get stubborn and frustrated. We will be having a close look over its offerings shortly. 

Hidden Cell Phone Tracker – OgyMogy

Controlling Social Media Apps

OgyMogy is a hidden cell phone tracker app that secretly spies on the entire communication taken place through all the social media apps on the target phone. The app furnishes the end-user to spy on all the one-on-one and group chats. All the shared and received multimedia can be monitored. The VoIP calls can be listened to in real-time; the calls can also be saved to the online dashboard for later reference. 

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the app is the state of the art. The feature allows the end-user to turn on screen recording at any point of time; the parent can spy on the live activities performed by the child on the phone screen; if the child is in conversation with the stranger, the end-user can restrict the respective activity. 

A Full Hand on Internal Storage

The hidden cell phone tracker app OgyMogy furnishes an extensive hand into the internal storage of the target phone. All the SMS communication can be monitored; the contacts, calendars, appointments, and multimedia can be stalked and if found inappropriate for the child, the end-user can decide whether to retain that content or remove. 

Restrict Browsing and Spying on Browsing History

The spy app allows to restrict browsing over specific websites. The websites that are found to be inappropriate for the child can be restricted to be accessed from the target device. The respective websites cannot be accessed from the target phone. Moreover, the browsing history can be accessed and spied on, alongside bookmarks and other browser functions. 

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Tracking Real-time Location and Geo-fencing

The most striking feature of the hidden cell phone tracker app is tracking the real-time location of the target phone. All the movement of the target phone can be accessed in real-time, and the movement also gets recorded in the form of a log and saved to the online dashboard.

The geo-fencing feature of the app is the best of all. It allows to restrict the movement over specific locations that are not suitable for the child. If a breach of the prescribed limit occurs, the end-user is notified immediately to take actions that necessary.

Phone Calls Recording 

The app provides access to listen to all the phone calls made or received on the target phone in real-time. The calls can be listened to in real-time and can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference. The app allows to restrict communication with a specific contact of the phone book; the respective contact will not be able to get in touch with the target user. 


It is found that kids can be monitored using a hidden cell phone tracker app, and this purpose is best served by using the OgyMogy spy app. The app addresses all the dimensions and dynamics of spying by all means.

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