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How to design an Instagram business profile and make it popular?

Instagram is a social network with a multimillion audience on both sides of the ocean. The site is used not only by individuals but also by businesses. The main content here is photos and videos. Online stores, restaurants, service providers actively “make” money and monetize their stay on the site. And here a logical question arises: how to make Instagram interesting? What is needed for this? 

It is enough to create a business account and work on the visual component of the page. With a profile, you can do more than just post interesting content. A business account is a powerful tool for promotion, popularization, and support of brand loyalty. If you want to get closer to your customers, to successfully develop your business online or offline, hurry up to create and correctly design a page. Moreover, this is extremely easy to do. Everything in order.

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Designing an Instagram page for business 

To organize a business, offer goods, services, and make good money, you do not have to rent an office, hire employees, or organize a stationary store. It is enough to create and promote a business profile. Before proceeding with the promotion of your account, it is important to complete the preparatory work. The correct design and filling of the page will help users find your offers, interest potential customers, and sell a product or service.

The proverb says: they meet by their clothes. It is 100% applicable to IG profiles. When a user lands on a page, he evaluates it and makes a decision – subscribe and buy, or find another option. In this case, attracting and retaining attention is the top priority. A high-quality profile design will help with this. It affects not only the number of followers but also the number of fans who become buyers.

It is equally important to organize high-quality promotion.

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How to make your account popular on Instagram?

Acquaintance with any profile begins with design. Simplicity, your style, compliance with the latest fashion trends are the key success factors. Let’s consider the most significant points worth paying attention to.

Hat design 

The best thing to do at the initial stage of project development is to fill out the profile header with high quality. Come up with a simple but memorable nickname that both the first-grader and his grandmother can read. Don’t use in your nickname:

punctuation marks and symbols;

create a nickname from three or more words;

repeat the names of already promoted brands.

The ideal solution is a one-word name that is easy to remember by ear. 

It is equally important to choose an actual avatar. This is the face of the brand, which is visible in the feed, comments, and stories. It should look decent. Avoid in avatars:

monochrome colors;

blurry images of poor quality;

the small print on the image;

stock pictures.

Do you have your own company? Feel free to put a logo on your avatar. Are you self-employed or a freelancer? You can set your portrait. In this case, the photo must be real, close-up, with an open face.

When designing your profile header, be sure to pay special attention to the page description. This is your price tag to hook your prospect. The description should include key information about your project:

the direction of work (write clearly and specifically, without general phrases);

offline address (if there is a real store);


communication methods;

the name of the official website (if any);

promotional offers.

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Customize your ribbon in one style 

It is possible and necessary to adhere to a single style on Instagram. To popularize a page on IG, it is important to find or develop your style of design for the feed and the account as a whole. To do this, you can use frames, filters, and other simple tricks. 

Many Instagrammers are sure that the same style is the same type of photos and videos in the same color scheme. This is a broader concept. 

When designing a feed, you can use different methods of post layout:


mosaic posting;

vertical, diagonal, or horizontal rows;



It is equally important to create a consistent style to work with light and background using filters or other popular tools. 

Post only high-quality photos

Instagram is a visual social network in which the user perceives most of the information through pictures. You can sell unrealistically cool things at very “sweet” prices, bake delicious cakes to order, or paint beautiful pictures, but without a high-quality picture, selling all this and promoting a business project is unlikely to work. When publishing photos, don’t forget about the text. A detailed description will play into your hands.

Publish stories and posts often

Instagrammers don’t like silent people. If the user has subscribed, he is waiting for new interesting posts and videos. Most popular stories and thematic publications regularly. This will help fuel public interest and attract new audiences. 

Ideally, create a content plan and stick to it. Quantity matters, but quality comes first. It is better to post 5-10 worthy publications per week than to spam the feed with dozens of similar photos or videos every day.

Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags allow the user to quickly find posts of interest and save time. Do not be afraid! Create unique tags. They work great on business accounts with a wide range of products. For example, using the #cakes_yoursweets tag, your followers can easily find and order their favorite desserts. 

Use geolocation

But only if you plan to sell goods or services in a specific region. For example, in your city. Are you counting on interest from buyers from other cities and even countries? In this case, you should not use geolocation, so as not to scare off potential customers.

Lead your audience

For your business account to inspire the trust of users, hurry up to wind up subscribers using the Buy Instagram Followers UK service. People are reluctant to subscribe to pages with a small audience. On the contrary, the promoted profiles are of great interest.

The automatic promotion program will help you quickly gather an army of fans and promote any business project on Instagram in 2020.

Correct design of a business profile on Instagram – 50% of success. But there are no clear rules and frameworks here. Feel free to experiment and hone your craft by taking examples from successful pages. The road will be mastered by walking!

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