Experience New Helicopter Taxi Service from Shimla to Chandigarh

Shimla and Chandigarh both are the most popular tourist destination places in India. Every year, in fact, in every season, a lot of tourists gather to enjoy its beauty and sight scenes. In order to entice the excitement in tourists and establish a fast communication for facilitating the people suffering from severe illness and other emergencies, a new Helicopter Taxi service has been launched on 28th February 2019 between Chandigarh to Shimla under the UDAN –II scheme.

It is expected that this taxi service will promote more tourist visit as well as tourism in both these spots. Last year in the month of June 2018 in alliance with the Himachal Pradesh government along with Pawan Hans, the Heli Taxi service was launched which further had to discontinue for some reasons.

Detail information the ticket price and timing of Helicopter Taxi service

Under UDAN II scheme, the Helicopter taxi will leave from Chandigarh at 10 am in the morning and it will reach Jubbarhatti airport, Shimla at around 10:30 am. It will be thirty minutes journey. Again the copper will depart from Shimla at around 10:55 am and reach Chandigarh at around 11:25 am. Initially, this service will be available for three days a week but after a few days, it assumed that this service will be available all six days. The price of the ticket per one person has been fixed at Rupees 2880 which ensures that even a common man can afford this service and avail its benefits.

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has ensured that apart from this Shimla Chandigarh, under this UDAN II scheme, this taxi service will be available from Shimla to Kullu and Shimla to Dharmasala. This taxi service will make sure that all major tourists destination of this state get proper air connectivity and address the emergency issues of the common people. It is believed that this UDAN II scheme would give a big boost to Himachal tourism as there is a vast tourism potential in the state of Himachal where both national and foreign tourists gather every year. It is an excellent place to witness the beauty of nature.

The main reason behind inaugurating this taxi service between Chandigarh to Shimla

The main reason behind promoting air connectivity in this hill station is to provide a safe and fast communication service to the common people who face emergency situations like reaching the hospital on time. Due to the bad road and hectic condition of Shimla Highway, people often face troubles while traveling by road. This service will bring tremendous tourism development to the state of Himachal as well as Chandigarh.

The reply of the public in context to these services is awaited and if a positive response is encountered, the frequency of the rides is likely to be increased and expanded in all the districts of Himachal Pradesh.

The state tourism authority of both these places are eagerly waiting for the response of the public in this context and if there a positive response takes place, the frequency of this service is likely to be increased and will cover more places throughout the various places of Himachal Pradesh. To get more updates, stay tune with us. We will provide more information in this context.

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