PASTA PLUS SEAFOOD: 5 Sumptuous Seafood Pasta Dishes to Try!

Pasta has always been a favorite of many people and an alternative to many other meals. It is famous to kids, especially when going to birthday parties, and it is also known for being part of classy and romantic dinner dates!

Nowadays, more and more styles and recipes of cooking pasta have been discovered. Others are being upgraded to suit new generations’ taste and trends. Some people are picky with the type of pasta that they eat. While some like the traditional ones, there are those who prefer modern and innovated styles. 

One of the most amazing ways to prepare and cook pasta is to include some fresh seafood in it! Yes, you read that right! Pasta and seafood are among the best combinations of lovely, delightful and healthy! Because of them, not only kids but even the oldest adults today enjoy the tastiest pastas out there!

You yourself should go out of the box of typical pastas, and try them uniquely with their seafood combinations. To give you some ideas, below are 5 sumptuous pastas with seafood that will surely bring glee from your plate down to your tummy! Check them out!


An elegant mixture of delicate pasta and an expensive fish will make your eyes full for its fancy look and your mouths drool for its savory taste! 

Try the Grilled Salmon Garlic Pasta, and you’ll fall in love!

You know salmon the moment you see its color. Seeing it alone can make your tummy rumble! What’s even better is that it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, healthy protein, potassium, selenium, B vitamins and many more! Aside from that, it also contains nutrients that help control weight, ensure brain health and reduce heart illnesses. 

Although not everyone likes the aftermath of eating garlic and garlicked foods, this garlic pasta can make a huge difference for you. Not to mention, garlic has sickness-resisting components, few calories and nutrients for bone health.

With its abundant nutrients and disease-fighting features, you surely can’t resist this fish, most especially if you grill it and add it to your pasta with some garlic punch. You and your family will want it served over and over again on your dining table!


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It might look simple for some, but Linguine Vongole is another level of fab and glam with the fresh seafood that goes with it! It’s linguine mixed with clams, splashed with the allure and aroma of garlic and white wine sauce. Just by hearing its name, you might think it’s quite lavish, however, the truth is that you can prepare this yourself in quick and easy steps plus product prices that won’t hurt your budget!

Small clams would be perfect for your Linguine Vongole. As a friendly recommendation, you may purchase Manila clams. These tinier sizes are sweeter and more flavorful than the big ones. Fresh clams are the best! Don’t miss them.

Clams are full of nutrients aidful for the body’s health. They are a lean source of protein, several vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. These fresh seafood also have been discovered to carry cancer-preventing characteristics. Choline, which is significant for good liver health, can be obtained from clams. As well as Iron which is necessary to avoid and prevent anemia.

You can add some spicy condiments if you want some chili feel on your pasta and clams. Together with green herbs and delectable spices, your Linguine Vongole can be a light and pleasing meal for any event and season. Preparing and cooking it won’t take so much time as well, so when you’re in a hurry, you can still eat nice and healthy food! 


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Something you probably haven’t heard of yet is Pasta with Mussels and Hazelnut Pesto! This unique seafood pasta style is truly rich and sweet-smelling, you will feel your tummy rumbling while you’re cooking it! 

You can eat it as it is or with some loaf or chicken bites. Make sure you choose the finest and freshest mussels in the market. Put away the damaged ones or those with shells already opened. Use basil to embellish it before drawing it into your mouth down to your hungry belly! 

Because protein content is high and fat content is low, you don’t have to worry too much about calories on your diet. Moreover, circulatory system can be improved. Levels of energy are kept healthy and balanced. Illnesses that involve inflammations are shooed away. Your brain health is also maintained in a well form.

Even if you are not a big fan of pesto, this one might change your mind and your appetite! With that hit of hazelnut, this pasta style might give you a change of heart too!


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You will always hear about shrimps mixed in spaghetti, but how about another famous seafood viand? How about crabs? Magnificent!

Some people do not prefer eating crabs because they are not enticed with how this crustacean look, while some do not like cracking this seafood open. They do not know how, or they are scared they might wound themselves if they do it wrong. Well, there are those who are just too impatient to learn. This crab spaghetti with the power of lemon gremolata will turn the tables around!

Crab meat has abundant Phosphorus content which is essential for tough bones and teeth. That same nutrient from this seafood helps in sustaining a well-functioning kidney. Toxins are discharged faster. Metabolic processes in your body becomes more productive and efficient. Eating crabs help in proper and better flow of blood.

A beautiful comfort food, this crab on pasta with lemon’s touch might be your choosy kids’ new favorite! Add wine and butter, and you get all the flavorful and aromatic love you want on your spaghetti noodles. It does not end there if you want some real hotness; you can also add some chili to it! 

You will be extremely amazed at how quickly you can finish making Crab Spaghetti with Lemon Gremolata and end with a gleeful masterpiece! Indeed, crabs in spaghetti a whole different kind of art! 


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One of the most beautiful shellfish out there can be your next partner for your pasta! Scallops are served not as often as other shellfish like mussels and oysters are. They are not very common when you look at restaurant menus. That’s one of the things that makes scallops precious and sought-after! 

One article from Men’s Health notes scallops as one of the power foods that a person must  be eating. Scallops are rich in Potassium which is important for a healthy blood pressure level and is also helpful in preventing stress and anxiety. Zinc, which is one of the keys to a strong immune system, can also be acquired from them. For cell protection, Selenium is a component of scallops.

Fortunately, you can add more attraction and relish to your scallops pasta by wrapping those seafood with bacon. Cooking Bacon Wrapped Scallops Pasta is an incredible hack, especially if you have kids who do not like eating scallops or seafood in general. It might be a trap for them but also a trick to get them to love scallops from now on! 



Fresh seafood definitely give pasta a different kind of color! Whether it’s about shrimps, crabs, scallops, mussels, squids, fish and many more, you can have a very delicious seafood pasta! 

Undeniably, seafood pasta dishes, especially the rare kinds of seafood, are quite a bit more expensive when you check them out from sophisticated restaurant menus. That’s reasonable if you just know how fresh seafood are acquired, taken care of and preserved. 

The good news today is that even if you don’t buy them outside, there are online stores that offer fresh seafood delivery. In that way, even if you don’t want to go to the market, you can actually prepare them yourself when you’re just at home. 

Make sure to buy fresh seafood to pair with your well-cooked pasta. Be meticulous when it comes to picking the appropriate condiments and spices to add in it as well. Make your seafood pasta as nice and healthy as it should be! Don’t forget to enjoy and eat well!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad for customers at home, chefs in restaurants, seafood wholesalers and seafood traders. She believes that freshness of seafood is important not only because of the taste but also of health benefits. Her writing pieces include topics on fresh seafood and the market industry. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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