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Top 10 Management schools in the world for Masters in Finance

Since its inception, Finance has been a part of the business environment. Money keeps changing hands and moves from one person to another, one account to another. Money is utilized to signify all the assets an entity owns. The field of Finance keeps track of all such assets and measures the profits and losses.

Money has become an integral part of everyone in today’s world, businesses and individuals alike. Entities must be aware of how the money is utilized and the profitability of the same. Professionals who finance can help individuals manage their money in the best possible manner. This is where the course of Masters in Finance comes into play. With its exhaustive curriculum, a plethora of electives, and a 12-month post-graduate course structure, a Masters in Finance has turned out to be the holy grail for every finance enthusiast who aims to build a bright career ahead in the field of Finance. A master in Finance would grow you not only academically and personally but also professionally. So, it is a massive investment for the best future options ahead. Choosing the right Master of Finance program from a plethora of options is of immense importance. Here comes the list of top 10 management schools with exceptional Masters in Finance programs that will aid you in your journey of finding the perfect school for you.

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1. HEC Paris – MSc in International Finance

HEC’s MSc in International Finance provides you with a “tailor-designed approach towards education” that allows you to learn at your own pace with its two tracks. You can start your finance classes at an advanced level in the business track if you already possess some basic knowledge of basic financial accounting, corporate Finance, and investment theory. In the second track, one can opt for the accelerated track, which allows the student to cover the basics at a fast pace with comparatively more classes, an ideal choice for people who have received education in various disciplines such as maths, physics, engineering, econometrics, and now wish to switch their field to finance.

2. ESCP Europe – Specialized Master in Finance

The program is taught at two different locations. The first program is conducted at the ESCP Europe Campus in Paris for 15 weeks. The next program is conducted at the ESCP London campus for another 15 weeks.

The students have to choose expertise for 22 weeks as per their professional and personal goals after eight weeks of introductory finance courses. They can choose from two options, namely Corporate Investment Banking and Financial Markets.

Later, the students need to complete a four-month internship along with writing a professional thesis.

3. EDHEC Business School – MSc in Finance

It follows the CFA level 1 exam curriculum. Thus, it is an ideal choice for people who want to pursue an international career in Finance.

This program has five seminars and 12 core courses, 3-6 months of internship and a master project. You can choose many fields from Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Financial, Accounting and Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Quantitative Techniques in Finance.

4. ESSEC Business School – MSc Financial Markets and Investments

 This course offers 21 core courses and 29 elective courses. The core courses include various subjects like Fixed Economics, Macroeconomics, Financial theory, Mergers and Acquisitions. In contrast, elective courses such as Business Analysis and Value creation, Real-Estate Finance Commodity Markets encourages you to educate you so that you can achieve your long-term goals successfully.

In your first term, you will understand the fundamentals of Finance through the core and elective courses. In the second term, you must choose between three tracks – The Asset Management track, the Corporate Finance track, and the Financial Markets track.

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5. The University of St. Gallen – Masters of Arts HSG in Banking and Finance

This program comprises three semesters and consists of core and contextual studies. The core studies component include three mandatory courses, core electives which constitutes a research seminar and a thesis.

According to their professional goals, students can customise their core curriculum focus on different aspects of Finance, such as risk management and insurance, banking, financial markets, and data science.

The contextual study is a unique feature offered by St. Gallen to let students grow knowledge and expertise beyond their core subjects.

6 MIT Management Sloan School – Master of Finance

This program is being offered in two formats – 12 months format or 18 months format, with no curriculum difference. The 12 months format is for people who already have a finance background with some relevant work experience. The 18-month format of this program is ideal for people who don’t have a finance background and are looking to complete academic knowledge. You can also use your additional time to take different courses, an internship, and complete your thesis.

7. Bocconi University – MSc Finance

This program offers an exhaustive curriculum covering most finance topics, such as derivatives and asset pricing, risk management, investment banking, quantitative Finance, Corporate Finance, and advisory. The aim, in the early semesters, is to build a strong foundation covering critical financial topics. This strong foundation from the first year itself would help graduates work with professionals from different finance niches and deal with the challenges in the best possible manner. The second year of MSc Finance is conducted at Bocconi Milan or abroad. It offers three majors, including Corporate Advisory and Investment Banking, Financial and Insurance Institutions Management, Quantitative Finance, and Asset Management.

  1. University of Oxford: Saïd – MSc in Financial Economics (MFE)

This program focuses on the connection between theoretical financial economics and practical financial projects. Here the topics are chosen based on their financial relevancy. The school’s finance faculty and the University’s Economics department jointly run this program. This program also offers three days of training in financial markets, which may occur in London and/or Hong Kong. Real-world case studies are solved in a series of practical financial modelling workshops.

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  1. Warwick Business School – MSc Finance

As per the Financial Times, this school holds the third ranking in the UK.

This program is designed based on consultation with the Bank of England, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and their other successful alumni. This program provides conceptual and quantitative knowledge to the professionals enrolling on this course. Various platforms, such as computer lab sessions, classes, and lectures, are utilised in this program. Many other advantages are offered, such as WBS CareersPlus Service, workshops and guidance, events such as MyAdvantage: the university’s graduate job site.

  1. Skema Business School – MSc Financial Markets and Investments

The Conference of Grandes Écoles accredits the program. It is an 18-month program divided into two parts. The first nine months will be spent on courses, while the other nine months will be spent on internship and dissertation. The program is designed to gain trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, and structuring finance expertise. The fundamentals and five different specialisations offered are spread over three campuses, including Trading, Structuring & Portfolio Management related courses in Sophia Antipolis, Asset Management & Investment Banking in Paris, Quantitative Portfolio Management & Valuation and the newly launched CFA preparation track in Raleigh.

These were some of the Masters in Finance course which will allow you to build a strong foundation in Finance and accounting and open the doors to some of the most lucrative opportunities in Finance. After graduation, you can apply for roles in some of the world’s elite companies that offer huge packages. Not sure which role you want to take up after your MFin program? Check out this blog on Master’s in Finance Jobs and Salary to know more.

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