Which are the top trends of Telemedicine in 2021?

Once a healthcare provider approached me as he was having difficulty having more patients. 

That was the situation of COVID 19 and the patients were unable to visit the hospital personally so he needs a solution for his problem.

I just gave him an idea to get rid of this problem easily. 

The idea given to that person was:

Let me introduce you first to telemedicine! Telemedicine is so easy to understand.

Telemedicine: Medicine delivered from a distance. This word came into existence in the early 50s but just the difference was that we were not familiar with the word. But due to COVID 19 pandemic, we all got familiar with the word as no one was in the situation to visit the hospital personally.
Telemedicine is the use of electronic communications and software to monitor and treat patients in lieu of an in-patient visit.

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Believe me, you will get more patients and generate more revenue from telemedicine. I think I should show you data on the telehealth services revenue generation. It will give you more clarity on telehealth.

Here is the data:

Benefits of telemedicine:

It improves healthcare outcomes:

Though telemedicine is revolutionizing, it improves healthcare outcomes by monitoring patients data to identify their problems.

Healthcare providers can easily contact the patients for immediate consultation and treatment. Thus it seems that telemedicine improves healthcare outcomes.

It allows patients to be seen sooner:

As telemedicine is a virtual platform it lets patients be seen sooner because in in-person visits healthcare providers take time to check the patients and diagnose the disease but in virtual visit, it is very easy to check and diagnose the disease.

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Telemedicine helps patients to be seen sooner as it saves time for both the patients and healthcare providers.

It keeps the costs down:

Telemedicine generates new revenue and it saves costs by diverting patients away from more costly healthcare.

After the COVID 19 pandemic healthcare providers & patients have made significant savings in the healthcare industry.

The above benefits have made remarkable changes in the telemedicine industry.

Top trends of telemedicine

– The ‘Digital First’ approach:

The healthcare industry is somewhat slow in adopting the digital approach when it comes to telemedicine.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the demand for adopting the digital ways became more popular and the healthcare industry changed like anything.

After the digital and technological advances in the healthcare industry, it is now easy to say that the Era of digitalization is now here!

– The adoption of mHealth:

mHealth has changed the entire scenario of the healthcare industry with the adoption of various mobile technologies.

Mobiles and smartphones are becoming popular nowadays so it is very easy to adapt to technological changes and advancements.

mHealth is the easy and cheapest way to utilize mobile technology to achieve health goals.

– Technological Shifts:

The future of telemedicine is impacted by technological shifts.

The fastest network technology used by everyone is the 5G technology which gives the faster outcomes of telemedicine.

Things like delivering images, virtual meetings etc help telemedicine to give better results.

Many other technologies like IoT, AR/VR etc are gaining more popularity in the telehealth world.

– Remote medical services:

The future of telemedicine looks very bright!

Many healthcare providers and institutions are thinking of outsourcing their healthcare services to different countries via telemedicine.

Departments like dermatology, neurology, psychiatry etc are moving towards telemedicine for the expansion and better reach of their businesses.

– Globalisation:

The telehealth market size is now growing globally.  Global investments are constantly increasing in the telehealth industry.

The revenue generated from the telehealth industry will have an enormous effect on the global economy!

Here are the figures for the telehealth market size.

So, they were the top trends of telemedicine.

You will get tremendous results after adopting telemedicine. You really don’t need to find the customers, they will come and find you after adopting telemedicine.

Do you know when it really works the best?

When you have elderly people as your patients and they are unable to visit the hospital personally at that time telemedicine works the best.

So via telemedicine, you can treat your patients easily and it will ultimately lead to the satisfaction of the healthcare providers and patients both.

It really helps the healthcare providers as they can save travelling time thus they can treat their patients from anywhere, anytime and according to their convenience. One can lower and cut their cost of healthcare because it cuts the admitting and hospitalization costs.

The telemedicine sector has significantly grown during the time of pandemic and it has risen in the past few years too. The use of telemedicine helps healthcare providers treat and diagnose patients virtually.

As 2020 was the year of many impactful changes in history, COVID 19 has changed the entire scenario of the telemedicine sector.

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On a concluding note…

After observing the trends of telemedicine, it seems that the future of telemedicine looks very bright!

Above was my idea for the person whom I met.
He was really overwhelmed with the idea I have given to him. That person has already adopted the telemedicine app development solution and he is really very happy after adopting this solution.

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