Top 5 Places to Visit in Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija, a province in the Central Luzon Region of Philippines, is known for its large rice fields and amazing tourist destinations. It is also famous as ‘Rice Granary of the Philippines’ for being the main rice growing region of the country with plains covered with green rice fields. There is no dearth of places to visit in Neuvo Ecija. It has something for every kind of traveler.

 If you are any sort of adventure seeker, the rivers and mountains here offer travelers environmental-friendly destinations like mountain peaks, lakes, waterfalls and eco-parks. If you rather feel inclined towards history, the towns of the province have great historical landmarks and sites that includes ancestral houses, monuments, markers and age-old churches. If you are visiting with your family, there are recreational and amusement parks in the towns.    

We have shared the best 5 places to visit in the province for you. However, here’s a little information about the important province in Philippines.

  • About Nueva Ecija

On the northeast of the province is Nueva Vizcava, on the south is Bulacan, on the east is Aurora, on the west is Tarlac, the northwest is covered by Pangasinan and the southwest by Pampanga. These bordering regions on all its sides make it a landlock province of Philippines. Palavan is the capital city of the Nueva Ecija Province that shelters almost 2 million people. The main languages spoken by its people include Tagalog, Kapampangan, Ilocano and English. 

  • Minalungao National Park

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Nueva Ecija is the Minalungao National Park, attracting tourists for its natural beauty and abundant greenery. The national park is spread over an area of 2,018 hectares with the main attraction being the Penarda River – a river flowing through the 16m high limestone rocks. It is a clean turquoise river that is perfect for swimming, bamboo rafting and cliff jumping. In the national park, you can also enjoy zip-lining with your group. There is a hanging bridge, caves and huge rock formations that will make you stay there for longer. It is among the favorite weekend getaways for locals and tourists alike.  

  • Gabaldon Falls

Gabaldon Falls in Nueva Ecija is a tourist spot you must not miss. It is a 10ft waterfalls which is the most significant and beautiful attraction of the popular Gabaldon Eco Park. You might not find the waterfall to be that majestic but it is the best place you can be at for relaxation and peace. The crystal clear cold waters are encompassed by rock formations and foliage. Located in the premises of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, the Eco-park is one of the must-visit places for the tourists traveling to the province. You need to pay just a small amount as environmental and guide fee to enter the park. You can reach the waterfall hiking through the verdant terrain.

  • Crystal Wave Resort

Want to go on a beach but not too crowded? Crystal Wave Resort is a perfect place for you in Nueva Ecija. Its giant slides and wave pool make it the best alternate for a beach destination in the province. If you are on a vacation with your family and friends, do visit this recreational destination in Nueva Ecija. You will be amazed by the pool amenities offered here – kiddie pool, wave pool, Olympic pool inspired by Mickey Mouse. Have a day full of fun and adventure with your favorite people!

  • PhilRice Institute

Want to know about the rice cultivation and growth in the Nueva Ecija Province? If so, include PhilRice or Philippine Rice Research Institute in your itinerary list of Nueva Ecija. It is a government institute collaborated with the Department of Agriculture intending to develop the modern harming techniques for the locals to grow more rice. You can visit the PhilRice Museum inside the institute premises. The exhibits there include farming machines, materials of rice farming, artworks and varieties of seeds.  

  • Pantabangan Dam

Though last but not the least, Pantabangan Dam is Asia’s second largest dam situated in Nueva Ecija, Philippines to provide hydroelectric power and water for irrigation. The dam is 107 meters in height and 1615 meters in length falling under the category of earth-filled embankment dam. The dam was constructed to withstand earthquake of intensity of 10 Richter Scale, supply water for irrigation of over 77000 hectares of land and generate hydroelectric power of 100 megawatts. Visitors traveling to this tourist destination are mostly the ones who are inclined towards engineering marvels as the infrastructure of the dam is no less than a wonder. There are spectacular sights of rivers, mountains and lake encompassing the dam. If you have a holiday plan to visit Philippines, go to Nueva Ecija as there are awesome attraction to explore. You can book cheap flight tickets with iEagle travel agency

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