DSLR cameras under 30000

Check out the list of best DSLR cameras under 30000

Are you thinking of starting a new Youtube Channel or want to learn photography? Buy a DSLR within the range of 30K and fulfill your desire in the best way. DSLR is a type of camera with which no other camera can match its potentiality. The DSLR camera comes with a range of features that allow the users to change its settings as per their choice and capture the best shot with the best DSLR cameras under 30000.  

Choosing the best DSLR under 30000 in the Indian market is an overwhelming experience as you will be offered more than hundreds of options offered by various types of brands. Here, in this blog, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best DSLR cameras under 30000 rupees. You can check out their features as well.

But before you decide to buy a DSLR camera under 30000, you must check some important features in it which are listed below –

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Factors one should take into consideration before buying the best DSLR cameras under 30000?

  • The Size of the sensor:

To find the best DSLR camera under 30000 in India is not an easy task. Different types of brands offer different types of features. Therefore, before you jump into any decision, it is important that you thoroughly check out all the features in the DSLR and make sure that you are completely satisfied with it. The cameras that have larger sensor size can provide more detailed and sharp pictures. In DSLR cameras under 30000, you can find different sensor sizes such as micro size, four third to a full frame sensor size. It entirely depends on your requirement – what you are looking for in your camera. This is an important perspective which you should keep in mind while choosing the best dslr camera under 30k.

  • Check the aperture

You should check the aperture settings before buying a DSLR. The best DSLR is the one where you can play with the aperture settings and take some nice pictures. For example, the f/2 aperture setting can capture low light shots better. On the other hand, f/16 takes better picture in the bright light condition. So, it is clear that you can play with aperture features to take some crazy shots of your choice.

  • ISO sensitivity

It is an important factor to check while buying the best dslr under 30k. The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100 to 12800 which means you can increase the ISO sensitivity to make the sensor more sensitive in light and capture every small detail of the object even in the dark. One must check out this feature in all dslr cameras under 30000.

  • Resolution

The last but not the least factor is resolution. The resolution is measured in terms of megapixel. While selecting the best dslr under 30000 in India 2020, both video and photo resolution come in the picture. The photo resolution fall within the range of 16 megapixel to 24.2 megapixels. For the beginners, this much of photo resolution is enough to capture nice pictures. After photo resolution, the next important aspect is video resolution. In DSLR full HD resolution that means (1920×1080) is definitely the most suitable option to try. It gives you the convenience of smooth video recording.

Now let’s quickly move on to the list of the best DSLR cameras under 30000 in India. This list will provide you a detail idea about the cameras, their features and the picture quality which will help you in making the selection of the best dslr camera in India.

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List of best DSLR cameras under 30000 in India

best dslr camera under 30000

Canon EOS 1500D DSLR camera

Canon is a well-known brand in this domain. They manufacture the most high quality dslr cameras under 30000 for the professional photographers and for the beginners as well. Canon has successfully established its wide clientele base across the globe and it is the most preferred brand by most of the professional photographers. So, now here we are presenting Canon EOS 1500D DSLR that leaves behind all its competitors in terms of picture quality and skin tone management. It is one of the best cannon dslr under 30000.

If you are looking for a DSLR cameras under 30000 for capturing still photo images, this is can be considered as one of the best in the list. You can choose it as it is a value for money item. The camera has APS-C sensor and the resolution is 24.1 which ensure that the camera can perform great in all conditions. You can use it for night shooting as well as it is handled by its 100-6400 sensitivity feature.

Apart from still pictures, this camera performs great in video recording as well. It allows you to shoot video up to its maximum resolution capacity which is 1080p and the image processor of this camera is comprised of 9 autofocus points. Besides all these, it has some other features like Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi and NFC etc. that allows you to share your pictures directly from the camera. This is one of the best DSLR cameras under 30000.

There is another important thing which should be mentioned here is that it uses EF-S mount that is perfectly compatible with both EF-S and EF lenses.

Fujifilm X-T100 Mirrorless camera

Fujifilm is a well-known brand in this domain and it is the most preferred choice by most of professional photographers and videographers. It is basically a mirror-less camera which means you can’t find an optical viewfinder in this camera. It is one of the best DSLR cameras under 30000. However, the camera has 3 inches LCD that performs well on behalf of that part. The image quality of this camera is out of question. The image quality of the camera is brilliant because it has 24.2 megapixel APS –C sensor size along with color reproduction technology. The best part of this camera is that it offers 4K recording at 15 fps and full HD recording at 60 frames per second.

The camera has extensive features that include super-fast autofocus and a wide variety of automatic functions that include SR+ auto mode. This camera is highly capable of subject recognition with conventional scene recognition. It offers detailed images. The battery capacity of this camera is very good and it does not consume much energy while transferring files over Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. This Fuji film is one of the best dslr under 30K in India. It compatible with the existing XC and XF lens.

Nikon D3500 DSLR camera

Nikon is another great option for those who are looking for standard dslr cameras under 30000 for still photography. This camera holds extreme potentiality in capturing crisp images even in low light or dark condition. It uses APS –C CMOS sensor along with 24.2 megapixel resolution which is good enough to capture every detail in the picture. This camera is apt for low light photo shoot. You can easily adjust the photo sensitivity from 100 to 2500 which helps getting more clear shots even in a dark room. Apart from this, this camera has an exclusive feature of color reproduction that comes with 11 autofocus points that can track any object quickly and capture the most memorable moments.

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Besides this, if you would like to use this camera for video recording, you can do it as well. You can record video with full HD resolution while adjusting the frame rates as per your requirements. Moreover, the Nikon D3500 offers some other features such as Bluetooth connectivity, NFC and Wi-Fi through you can share images instantly. It uses the Nikon F lens and therefore, you should buy lenses according to that.

Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera with EF s18-55 is II lens

This is one of the best canon DSLR cameras under 30000. It is a great option for budget buyers who are looking for budget-friendly cameras with some exclusive features. In fact, it can be said that it is the best dslr camera for beginners. The picture quality of this camera is excellent because it has brilliant color profiles as well as brilliant color reproduction capability.

Along with robust build and ergonomic, this camera has a resolution of 24.1megapixel and a brilliant image processor which can help you taking some beautiful pictures with excellent color vibration. Moreover, this camera uses optical image stabilization for capturing images and videos with utmost stability and no shakiness. It is one of the best DSLR cameras under 30000

It has one center cross-type AF points that helps taking crisp and crystal clear pictures for fast moving objects. However, for low light photography, you will find it a bit struggling with this camera. Now let’s talk about its videography feature. With this camera, you can really expect to capture really good quality videos because of its 1080p resolution. It creates really brilliant beautiful color reproduction. The best feature of this camera is that it is easily portable and has an ergonomic build which helps beginners a lot. It comes in the list of top 5 dslr cameras under 30000.

Fujifilm X-A7 24.2 MP mirrorless camera with XC 15-45 mm lens

This Fujifilm x-A7 mirrorless camera is a great option to choose for all video makers as it offers a huge range of features you won’t get anywhere else. The Fujifilm camera is both compact and portable which means you can easily carry it from one place to another. This has a 3 inches LCD display which works really well. This camera has an electronic viewfinder as there exists no optical viewfinder.

This Fujifilm camera has left behind many other cameras in this price range. It has a great color profile as well as clarity which is truly extraordinary. You can use it for still photography as it offers a brilliant image recognition accuracy with its auto mode feature. It has a 24.2-megapixel resolution. Now if we talk about its video recording capability, it can be said without any doubt that it offers maximum video recording resolution for up to 4K UHD and performs best while recording videos. This camera initiates smooth video recording. Inside the package of the camera, you will find the OIS power zoom lens which you can use to take some beautiful pictures of distant objects. Since it is a mirrorless camera, it is travel-friendly and compact in size. You can carry it easily for your photography projects. This is the best dslr cameras under 30000.

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Nikon Coolpix B600 16.0 MP point and shoot Digital camera with optical zoom

With 16 megapixel resolution and a brilliant image processing unit, this B600 provides sharp image quality with rich and vibrant colors. Even in the low light condition, this camera provides excellent shots which cannot be compared with anything else. This Nikon B600 offer 80X zoom which is truly mind-boggling and it starts at an ultra-wide 24mm.

With this dslr camera under 30000, you can capture some really crisp videos and photos with VR means (Vibration Reduction) which means it is perfect for still photography. You can capture some brilliant images without shaking. The camera performs at a shutter speed of 5.0 which runs two times faster for blur reduction accuracy. This camera has WIFi and Bluetooth features that allows you to share images and video easily.

Nikon D3400 24.2 MP Digital SLR camera ps.

With 24.2 MP resolution and a brilliant image processor, this camera provides 5 fps constant shooting stability. With Full HD resolution, you can record video up to 60 fps. For sharing files and videos, this camera goes beyond creation. It has Snapbridge that uses Bluetooth features for wireless transferring of files and photos. In fact, it helps to download images on smartphones also. This is a lightweight camera with 3 inches 921 k-dot LCD screen for image review and monitoring. The AF-P lens kit makes high-speed operation for convenient and comfortable recording. Moreover, this camera comes with an Active-D lighting feature which offers color correction and detail photography.

It has been listed as one of the best dslr cameras under 30000 in 2019. If you make a purchase of this camera, you will not disappoint yourself.

Nikon D5300 24.2 MP digital SLR camera

 The presence of an effective image processor makes it possible to capture sharp and vibrant images. The camera has a 24.2 MP resolution that helps to scope out exact color vibration and image shine. Nikon has 39 AF points and this is probably the best in this aspect. It is brilliant in capturing images of fast-moving objects. It is compatible with all types of Nikon lenses and this is something that sets it apart from other cameras. You can buy them and install them on the camera.

This camera comes with a wireless mobile adapter which gives you the convenience to control the camera from your android and iOS devices. The camera comes with more than 10 modes. Now, to talk about its video shoot, it can be said without any doubt that it offers an excellent video shooting experience. The tilting LCD allows you capturing images from various angles.

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Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V 20.4 MP digital camera with 50X optical zoom

With a 20.4 megapixel CMOS sensor, this camera is capable of capturing high-resolution images. It takes the advantage of the camera’s high-quality Zeiss lens. With an effective image processor, this camera has three times more potentiality than its previous processor. It produces high-quality images and therefore, it can be termed as one of the best DSLR under 30000. Its viewfinder covers a 100% field. You can connect this camera with a smartphone and control it from your smartphone remote app.

The camera has optical steady shot intelligent mode that keeps images and videos stable while you are walking. With its Wi-Fi feature, you can share the best pictures of your camera in just few seconds. It also consists of slots to attach external devices such as memory cards. It is the best dslr camera under 30000

Canon Powershot SX540HS 20.3 MP Digital Camera with 50X optical zoom

With its 50X optical zoom, this Canon PowerShot makes its entry into the club of exclusive ultrazoom camera. You can capture some of the best shots with the help of this camera. Its zooming technology assists in tracking and capturing subjects using its telephoto feature. It is the best Canon DSLR under 30000. It has 3 inch LCD screen that allows smooth and clear video recording.

Moreover, this camera comes with an in-built NFC and Wi-Fi features that allow sharing images instantly from the device. The Digic 6 image processor is considered to be a significant advancement as it improves image quality both in still photography and video-making. It gives utmost flexibility to the user and initiate creative control while editing images with the canon’s powerful software.

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Tips to choose the best DSLR camera under 30000

Buying a dslr camera under 30000 can improve your photography skill to a large extent. You will easily get familiar with the terms like camera sensor, ISO shutter speed, processing engines and so on. All these factors are really essential while selecting the right type of DSLR camera. The focal length of a dslr camera is an important factor and all photography aspirants should be aware of it.

Whether you are going to use your camera for professional or personal purposes, you should consider a few important tips which will help you buy the best DSLR cameras under 30000 in India. If it is your first purchase and doesn’t know much about the camera’s ins and outs, we would recommend you to go for low price range cameras. Well, it may sound easy to run such types of cameras but proper skill is required for capturing stunning images. Therefore, make sure you understand each and every feature of this camera before purchasing a DSLR camera under 30000.

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  • Sensor

There are mainly two types of sensors – one is APS-C and the other is full-frame sensor. The first one is the most common type of sensor found in most of the dslr cameras. For image cropping, this sensor plays a crucial role. Therefore, while choosing a dslr camera, you should consider this factor.

  • Image processor

The image processor of a camera plays an important role. Image processor helps to carry out several types of activities. It evaluates the color contrast and intensity of the image. It also helps in removing noise from image information. There are mainly three types of image processors – speed, Digic, and Binoz X. this image processor helps in fixing the lighting issues. It helps to adjust the other settings as well which makes the image looks better.

  • Aperture and Focal length

If you are looking for buying best professional dslr camera, the aperture is said to be the most important term to understand in this respect. It enhances the picture quality by blurring the background. This effect helps maintaining the focus on the subject. It also grabs the exposure that makes images looking bright.

  • Megapixel

The megapixel produces higher quality pictures. The more megapixel your camera has, the more clear images you can capture.

  • Autofocus

You should consider this feature before buying DSLR cameras under 30000. Autofocus produces sharp and clear images with a precise and fast rate. The higher the number of AF points, the more precise will be the image. The points cover a large and dense area of the picture.

  • Shutter speed

The shutter speed helps to control the time span which is spent in collecting the proper amount of light for capturing a shot. It directs how much light is required for a particular type of shot. It can be measured in a fraction of seconds. So, shutter speed plays an important role. A higher shutter speed implies the camera can capture an image within a short period of time. While low shutter speed implies soaking up more light for capturing a shot, but it increases the chances of blurry results.

  • LCD touchscreen

Most of the DSLR cameras under 30000 come with a touchscreen design. It allows direct control for featuring menus and focus controls from the screen. One can easily pinpoint some specific areas for spot exposure and critical focus measuring. It possesses higher control than the focus system.

  • Cost

The budget is an important factor to consider while purchasing a dslr camera under 30000. A wide range of cameras are available under the range of 30k. You can easily check out reviews from various website before choosing particular brand. Make sure you gather as much information as required before making a purchasing decision and it should also fit into your budget.

  • Lens compatibility

The nest important aspect of a camera is lens compatibility. It plays a crucial role. Your camera unit should be comprised of different types of lenses for capturing various types of images and objects. You need standard lens for still photography, a primer lens for portrait photography, a telephoto lens for capturing every small details of an object and a wide-angle lens for capturing wide landscape photography. However, those are entry-level dslr cameras under 30000, they come with kit lenses that are capable of fulfilling basic needs of photography.

  • Modes

Those who are professional photographers, they mainly prefer manual settings. On the other hand, those who are beginners, they need to depend on modes which allow them to click images of diverse range. These modes are quite useful for capturing portrait images, landscape images, night photos, food and many more. It is important that you should get familiar with these modes before purchasing a DSLR camera under 30000.  

  • Check out built-in accessories

While buying a dslr camera, you should check out its built-in accessories. It is true that they are built for regular use, but they should be used and stored cautiously. Most of the dslr cameras under 30000 come with carry bags and straps. Using the strap, you can easily hang the camera from the neck. A DSLR camera should come with a decent case and cover. The accessories gives protection to the lenses from dust and moisture.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does a DSLR camera allow what the lens sees?

Ans: DSLR is a type of camera which uses interchangeable lenses and mirror which directs light from the lens to viewfinder. Therefore, it enables users to see what the lens sees and therefore, it produces more lively images. Inside the body of the best DSLR camera, there is a mirror that reflects light directly from the lens into an optical viewfinder.

Q. How can do you know that a camera is a DSLR?

Ans: When you remove the lens cap of the camera and found nothing, then it is a DSLR camera. When you find nothing with the lens cap, it means the camera does not have an optical viewfinder.

Q. Does a DSLR camera used in films?

Ans: Digital camera means it does not operate with the help of a photosensitive film. Instead of this, there is a digital fixed sensor that is used in focusing, framing and also taking photographs.

Q. Which type of lens you should opt for the camera?

Ans: You should opt for the lenses that have a focal length as low as 14mm and high as 300mm. However, the choice of lens entirely depends on your purpose.

Q. Is it a must to purchase a tripod for video recording through DSLR?

Ans: When you use a DSLR for video recording, it is highly essential to have a tripod or gimbal. Basically, tripods are the best for capturing wide exposure shots where you need to keep the camera steady for a long duration. Setting your digital camera over a tripod or gimbal can reduce distortions. Therefore, to experience high-quality video recording, it is important to buy a tripod or gimbal.

Q. How much is required to be spent on an entry-level best dslr camera?

Ans. This answer entirely depends on your budget and needs. The more you increase your budget, the more features, and functionalities you can find in the camera. For buying a beginners’ DSLR, it is not a good idea to spend an excessive amount of money. The budget of under 30K is enough to get an entry-level fully functional DSLR camera. When you are just getting into basic photography, it is not required to spend more and more money. This is mainly because you are at the learning stage and therefore, expensive DSLR is not a suitable option.

Q. Which are the most suitable DSLR brands under the budget of 30k?

Ans: The most popular brands of DSLR cameras under 30000 are Nikon and Canon. They are the most reliable brands for cameras. However these are not the only options, you can easily choose a DSLR from the above-mentioned brands and get the best photography experience. These cameras are not only famous in the high-budget section but also provide decent budget-friendly DSLRs.

Q. How to choose the best DSLR camera?

Ans: When it comes to purchasing a DSLR, there are many considerations which you should keep in mind. In order to ensure that your investment does not go useless, you must take into consideration several key aspects. Firstly, you must figure out the camera and the shooting requirements. After that, you must prepare a budget. While buying a camera, you should look into its important specifications such as sensor size, resolution, autofocus, ISO sensitivity, connectivity, and so on. The next important step is to check out the weight of the camera and the accessories that come with it. After checking all these factors, you should find the most suitable one that meets your requirements.


Well, from the above discussion, it appears that there are plenty of options available under this price range and therefore, you can easily avail a fully-functional DSLR camera meeting all your basic photographic requirements. If you are a beginner, don’t go for buying a highly functional and complicated DSLR camera. It will make your experience unsatisfactory. Here, the above-mentioned DSLRs are budget-friendly and belong to well-known brands that ensure their reliability. They are the best professional DSLR cameras under 30000 that come with a number of features. Since these cameras don’t have any built-in complicated processor, you will not face any difficulty in learning its functions.

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