11 indicators that your ducts need cleaning

11 indicators that your ducts need cleaning

A bunch of fresh air inside your home can make the atmosphere fresh and enjoyable. Inhaling fresh air is also important to keep your heart healthy. But it could be dangerous when dust particles, small insects, and Mold spores are mixed in the air. Inhaling all the things with the air may cause savior desires for anyone. So you must be careful about your ducts and ports from where the fresh air is coming. You have to maintain all the ducts by cleaning them once a week. By that, you can easily make better air quality and make your health good, unaffected from any disease. Even if you have any confusion about air duct cleaning in San Diego, we give you some common indicators to help you understand.

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1.  Check your air filter if it is clogged- in case you are swapping the filters from your heating and cooling system too many times, it causes a deeper problem. For that, you have to make sure to change the filters periodically. By that, you can avoid the problem of getting clogged after replacing them. If then also your filters came out with the same problem, now it’s time to check the air ducts.  

You should notice that the filters are trapped by soot and other airborne segregations. It also depends upon different seasons like summer or winter. That’s why it’s necessary to change your filter after a few months.

2. Collapsed airflow in the house– sometimes you may feel that the airflow from your heater or cooler is not working properly. Like it starts and stops in a few seconds or doesn’t allow the air to pass through inside the vent. It is one of the indications for your air duct cleaning in San Diego. When you are going to clean you must clean every vent and duct to maintain the same airflow as you bought it the first time.

3.   Dust and debris–  when the HVAC system starts running you may find a small puff of dust, it’s a clear indication of dirty air ducts. Normally after switching on your heater or cooler it blows fresh air without any dust or debris. But after a long time you use it, sometimes it blows a bunch of dust or polluted air at its first blow. And that dust might be visible to you also. So clean it and inhail the fresh and healthy air.

4. Unusual smell from ducts– it is not necessary to provide you with a good smell from the ducts. But if you find some bad or too many unhygienic smells and you didn’t find the source. Then the smell comes from the air ducts. To identify the actual source, you have to close all other air incoming sources except your heating or cooling system’s air vent. By that, you will understand where the problem is.

5.Insects or other infections in your air ducts- 

Another indication that your air ducts need to clean is pest infection. Different types of viruses, vermin dander, and bacteria can cause serious health issues. So every time after pest infection you must clean the air ducts. By that, you can prevent the spread of allergens and other diseases.

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6.   Your home is under construction– any type of maintenance work can produce so much garbage and dust. Even your maintenance manager also tries to clear maximum places and cover the other places so as not to clean them again. At that time clouds of dust and debris can easily find their way to spread dirt. So you should turn off and cover the HVAC system. By that, you don’t have to clean your air ducts again and again. Or else you may find many issues inside the vents and filters.

7.   Don’t remember the previous cleaning- It may happen with most people that they don’t recall the previous period of air duct cleaning in San Diego. Sometimes maybe someone is living in an old house and they don’t know when it was cleaned previously or maybe they forget about the cleaning of the air duct. In such cases, the air duct at your home will surely not remind you about its cleaning but you may face some problems. Such as there must be some unwanted creature making their home in your air duct and they often come to visit you that would be scary. So when you feel like that you may clean the air duct without any doubt.

8.  Receiving unexpected electricity bills– The air duct is the main way from where the heat of the house passes outside or the warmth of the outside comes inside the room when it’s cold. In such cases, you will surely get the expected electricity bill every time. But when your air duct will be filled with dust and would not be able to do its work properly then you have to set your AC as per your requirement. Then just think that would surely give you an electricity bill that would be harsh on your pocket. So whenever you see that you are getting a bill that is crossing your expected limit then quickly clean your air duct without wasting any time.

9.   Presence of Mold and mildew– Apart from dust and other insects Mold and mildew is more dangerous. It increases in wet and cold areas. If someone realizes or sees that they are facing Mold and mildew from their air duct and without any delay they start the process of air duct cleaning in San Diego. If the problem of Mold and mildew in your air duct would not resolve in the first stage then it may affect easily those people who are leaving the house because it spread through the air.

 10. Getting too much dust at home- Everybody faces dust problems in their house. It is an everyday problem. But those who clean the house regularly know how much dust they would collect every day. So whenever they will face that the house is getting dirtier than they expected or they are collecting extra dust that means it is happening just because your air duct is getting filled with dust. During such times your air duct cleaning in San Diego is compulsory to get relief.

11. Unpredictable noise from ductwork- it is also an important point to check. Like you know the sound of your HVAC system when it’s in running condition. For you, it’s also necessary to understand the sound. Because when they have any problem or any duct issue the system will sometimes sound different. This means it’s time to clean or repair your air ducts.

So that’s the all indication when you need air duct cleaning in San Diego. And most people know that it is necessary to clean their air ducts. As much as you can maintain your HVAC system and air vents, it will give you better performance in future. Now all your doubts and questions about how to clean your air ducts will be solved here only. If you have any other doubts you should read this article again with proper attention. You can also take the help of professional technicians.

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