5 Office Must-Haves for Ultimate Productivity

5 Office Must-Haves for Ultimate Productivity

Your job requires that you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk and handling the same tasks day in and day out. While you may feel comfortable at the office, you may also find that you aren’t as productive as you would like. Many employers monitor the productivity of their workers in different ways. They want to make sure that their workers do their jobs and get as many tasks done each day as they need to do. Whether you work in a home office or a professional office, you can check out the five must-haves you need to increase your productivity and become a better employee.

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LED Desk Lamp

Some people assume that they only need a desk lamp if they plan to work when it’s dark outside. Have you ever worked in an office where someone kept adjusting the overhead lights because they wanted less light? You might work with someone prone to migraines or in an office setting where the lights aren’t quite as bright as you would like. An LED desk lamp is one of the best accessories you can use. Try looking for one that has an adjustable stem and pushes controls. While you can adjust the stem as needed to get the light where you want it, you’ll also like how easily you can turn the lamp on and off with the controls.

Power Strip

Whether you work from home or in a standard office, invest in a power strip. Many offices have built-in outlets on the floors. While those outlets have enough open spaces for your computer essentials, they usually don’t have enough space for the other accessories you use. Power strips can absorb the shocks that occur during storms and keep your electronics safe. Grab one that has both outlets and USB ports. While the outlets are great for your computer and office headset, the ports give you room to charge your phone and use other devices.

Ergonomic Desk

While you probably already know that you need an ergonomic chair, you should also think about the desk you use. An ergonomic desk places everything you need within inches of your body. Standing desks are popular in some offices as employers learned about the dangers of sitting for long hours every day. If you work in an office where you can use a standing desk, you might consider one that works with a treadmill. Ergonomic desks are also suitable for workers who prefer sitting. The one you pick should have enough space below that you can stretch out your legs and plenty of drawers or cabinets for storage.

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Cable Tray

One reason you may not be as productive as you would like to be is because of how much time you spend struggling with cords at work. You never know which cord goes to your monitor and which one works with your headset. A cable tray helps you get organized and find the right cable in seconds. These trays work with most types of office desks and are easy to install. As long as you have access to a screwdriver, you can install one in minutes. The tray has slots on the back that help you feel your cables through and keep an eye on where each one goes.


Using a timer is an easy way to stay on track during a busy day. You can go with an ordinary timer like the one you use in your kitchen at home, but there is also the timer on your cell phone as well as apps you can download to use at work. Create a schedule in the morning that shows all of the tasks you need to do. Use the timer to make sure that you get to meetings on time and that you don’t spend too much time on one task when you have other things to do. You can even use the timer to remind yourself to take short breaks.

Become More Productive in the Office

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on accessories to become more productive at work. The top essentials fit any budget and are easy to use. Some of the must-haves that you need in your office include a cable tray for your cords and an ergonomic desk.

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