4 Ways Chat Bots Help to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

4 Ways Chat Bots Help to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Around 88% of the online products are left on the cart as per the statista report of 2018, i.e. don’t convert into purchases. That means only 2% of online shoppers actually buy a product after visiting an ecommerce site. If you are also an online retailer, the increasing shopping cart abandonment rate must be the worst nightmare for your business. The figure of an abandonment cart is huge enough to make your business at loss. Most probably you are thinking of ways to tackle this biggest yet inevitable issue and boost your ecommerce sales as much as possible. 

Going back to the harsh reality of the ecommerce, the question arises what are the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment? 

Well, there could be so many reasons behind such a huge number of customers who abandon your website without taking any action:

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  • Might be possible your customers are confused to buy a product
  • The design of your website may be making them confuse to navigate or buy a product
  • Your website might be loading too slow
  • You may have designed a complex and lengthy check out process 
  • Your site is too difficult to navigate 
  • Your customers have a poor internet connection and more. 

The list of reasons that contribute to making your customers leave a website is long. Regardless of the reason, you must think about the ways how you can stop happening so without making considerable investments in your business?

Ecommerce chat bots are the answer to your question. The bots are considered as one of the best tactics to boost your ecommerce sales and so many giant online shopping stores are taking advantage of it. One of the real-life examples of how chat bots help online retailers is the Nike Company. Chat bots have helped the Nike Company to boost their ecommerce sales by 4X and improve their CTR by 12.5 X. 

But how did Nike made such a huge difference in their sales figure? How bots are capable to boost your ecommerce sales? Read the blog further to know the ways. Let’s get started:

How Chat bots Help to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

24/7/365 Days Availability

One of the biggest benefits of bots is their availability round the clock and throughout the whole year. Unlike humans, chat bots neither eat and sleep nor get tired or need a break while doing their job. They remain available 24 hours each day to perform their duty efficiently. What’s best about them is that they don’t get overwhelmed if there is a sudden surge in the number of customers. Additionally, they don’t get bored in answering the same queries of customers repeatedly. This 24/7 and efficient availability of chat bots help the ecommerce store owners to increase their productivity level and boost their ecommerce sales. 

Bots Help to Skyrocket Your Revenues 

Integrating bots to your ecommerce store can be highly profitable to your business as they ease the entire shopping journey. By providing product recommendations to the customers, chat bots bring a relaxed shopping environment as the qualified leads don’t have to deal with the shopping process from scratch. Apart from this, chat bots also offer a range of up selling and cross-selling product services to help businesses close more deals. For example, if a customer is looking for sports shoes from an ecommerce website, then chat bots can show him more sports items such as sports shirts, caps, and other relevant accessories. In this way, chat bots are a great way to boost your ecommerce sales. 

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The Power of Personalized Offers 

75% of online shoppers opt to shop from the stores that send them the personalized messaging, offers, and shopping experience. Why not capture those customers by sending them personalized offers to buy the product from you. You have done your best to convince the customers to shop from your store, why not do something more and turn them into your repeat customers? Yes, you can do so by offering them an offer email regarding a “thank you note”. For instance, you can entice the new customers by offering them free discount offers, or retain the existing shoppers by rewarding them with a discount on their loyalty. All such things lead to expanding your customer base and gripping your existing customers. 

Improves Customer Service 

Your customer service can make or break your ecommerce business no matter how great quality products you are offering to your customers. Chat bots in this regard help to improve your customer service and boost your ecommerce sales by allowing you to automate your business tasks. Bots can directly communicate with your customers and solve their queries in a way more than humans can do the same thing. The improved customer service ultimately helps to increase your business efficacy and increase skyrocket the revenues. 

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Are you ready for the Chat Bot Era?

Chat bots can take a revolution in your customers’ online shopping experience and have the power to reshape the whole ecommerce industry. Now that you have known all the reasons how chat bots can help to boost your ecommerce sales, it’s high time to incorporate them into your brand and enjoy the maximized sales that you ever have dreamed of. 

Good Luck! 

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