Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose your Legion Weapon

The latest game of the Shadow Fight series, Shadow Fight 3, does not know the word “chill”. It forges on ahead screaming at the heat of battle. Moreover, its crisp graphics take the place of the previous shadows which the series was founded on. The shadows are still there, all right, but they’ve taken a back seat. Now, it is more commonly known to be powerful moves that amplify specials and basic attacks.

This fighting game has a little bit of everything. It has the elements of RPG in the character progression as well as a character editor. The game also has heavily-detailed armor pieces. However, the true beauty of this game lies in the usage of weapons. This game has different weapons that the player can use, each specific to a certain player’s style of gameplay.

So, are you a swordsman or do you prefer the distance of the spear? Without any more hindrances, here is a look into some of the series’ weapons, commonly known as Legions.

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What is Legion

Not to be mistaken with the demon who says “we are many”, Legion is a faction in the game. From the first chapter, the player is introduced to the faction’s different weapons and fighting styles. 

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The name might be taken from the Roman army designation of the same name, where each squadron is divided into different legions. The Legion faction is known for their big, brash weapons, and Spartan-like training.

Legion Weapon – The Sword

Most of the Legion’s weapons are Western in nature. Also, it would not go out of place for warriors who prefer noble works and body armor. Take the sword, for example. The one-handed sword is the first weapon you receive in the game. As a basic weapon, it is also a good all-around weapon for training. Other than that, it’s not a very fast weapon to wield.

Variant – Dual Sword

The Legion combatant can branch off into training using two swords instead of one. Dual swordsmen can create very fast attacks. Moreover, their damage is doubled, owing to separate attacks from each sword. However, this can be a very limiting style. As one-handed swords – used in this fashion – don’t reach out very well.

Variant – Two-Handed/Giant Sword

These variants can be one and the same, but there are giant swords that are separate from the two-handed variant. This is because of its special nature. The two-handed sword is a very effective weapon at the hands of an experienced fighter. It is also a very cumbersome one when wielded without training in its use.

The giant sword, meanwhile, is a monster of a weapon. Rare is the swordsman that can wield it, for it is the size and weight of a man. Think Siegfried in Soulcalibur, and you’ll get the picture of the Legion warrior whose preferences are giant swords.

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Legion Weapon – Dual Axes/Hammers

Another fun combination, a warrior can choose to bring two hand axes or two hammers into battle. He may also choose to use a combination of the two – an axe and hammer in each hand. The slash followed by the blunt force of a hammer may reward the Legion warrior with a quick victory.

Variant – Two-Handed Hammer

The two-handed hammer is for the warrior who chooses to maim and render their enemies incapacitated instead. This alternative to the Giant Sword can also be called a “battlehammer”. With its heaviness, it rarely leaves a warrior coherent enough to survive the blunt force of metal fury breaking bone.

Legion Weapon – Spear

The spear is quite a tricky weapon to use. But a master of it will find that they don’t even need a shield to keep damage at bay. Think back to the battle of the Persians against the 300 Spartans. When used with a shield, the spear can rain piercing damage without the warrior needing to get close. It’s a nice weapon for those who think that they’re still weak enough to go face-to-face with their enemies.

Download the Game Through

Interested in trying the game? has it in their library and more. All you have to do is to go to their website and download their client. This lets you access this game from their library, among many others. The client, when installed on a PC, is also optimized with controls using the WSAD key and mouse.

Practice makes perfect in Shadow Fight 3, but so does research. Knowing the weapons of the Legion may even convince you to support this faction all the way. It may also give you an edge over a Legion member, should you face one in combat.

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