5 All-time Best Hair Cut Styling that Makes Your 2021 Way Better

Humans have many instincts that affect their mood. More precisely, there are a lot of things related to us that affect us. Physical change is a way to be effective, and hair has such a substantial impact on one’s mood. 

Hitherto we had dealt with mental issues past this lockdown. People were locked at home and also locked to their thoughts. We are looking forward to 2021 in the hope of finally getting the freedom of going out. There is brewing excitement to know what comes with 2021. It’s time for positive manifestation. 

Days are coming to think of our beauty treatment almost after a year. People crave new outfits, shoes, makeup routine, and even new hairstyles; all these are taking us to a new frame of mind. New year, new looks, and fresh mood all add to a perfect start to the year. 

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Among all these, hairs are crowning glory; looking after them frequently will impact your appearance. Hairs matter a lot in how you look and how you feel. Whether it could be a rocking party, a big move, a frustrating family function, great haircut style on any occasion, give confidence about your appearance. Here it becomes imperative to know which are the trending styles for the upcoming year. 

Let us see one by one.

#1 The Bob

2020 led the saloon to close down for a long time. People at home have few extra inches to their hairs and are frustrated for extra care and extra work. No doubt, as the new year comes in, the frustrations go out. Many are eager to chop off all extras and move to flaunt short styles. For those, blunt bob suits their mood best. The trimmed extras with a bob look are what 2021 is looking for many of us. 

Kaia Gerber’s bob is a cool, effortless, and best update for winter, says Harshberger.  

She says that texture makes it look polished, but not in a classic beachy way. She styles it with 24K Superiority Complex Texturing Paste; a small amount of dry hair gives it a dangle appearance. 

This cut goes well with any of the hair types, more to the straight and glossy hairs. Then it depends on the personal touch to the cut. It goes perfectly with any length, whether chin-length, shoulder-length, or somewhere in between.

Shorter hairs are going to be a new season of this year. It does not only create fresh and new vibes- it’ll be low maintenance. Less care and concerns, more is the freedom to look at other essential things. 

#2 Curtain Bangs

An idea of ’70’s vibe with a fresh new spicy touch is what the 2021 trending list comprises. The super cute look with a graceful grow-out phase is way better than old bangs. Overall it makes you look longer between the trims., says Brice. 

It is little extra maintenance, but worth looking after. Any hairstyle gets a buoyant appearance with this cut. A messy bun, sleek ponytail gets a different body on blow-drying with a round brush, or a straightening makes the additional volume of your hairs. Any look goes to the next level with curtains. It acts like self-expression, that expresses the person’s personality through their cuts.  

Even though the dull look with the face masks all day, a new routine will get an elegant look with the bangs. Looking to the new year should go with the curtain bangs.

There are many reasons people go for this look. It looks cute, and others could be covering acne, scars, and other imperfections on the forehead. It offers versatility in different hair types and gives the option to have full bangs or sweep them on sides depending on the mood and look.

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#3 The Modern Rachel

The Rachel’s cut debuted in the friends in the ’90s is back in 2021. It has classic face-framing layers that cup up the face. The amount suits best to straight, long and wavy hairs tailoring few layers around the crown, giving it a shape for your face.

The coming year has increased in workload that needs remote working. Ladies still go with those superficial layers with a tilt to their face, as they will lack in leisure work. It ensures the long length and modish look to one’s appearance.

Layers permit movement, shape, and drama in your hairs. They provide softer layer cuts with a dangle-look. This cut blends with different variations depending on one’s style. As styled by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with chopped face-framing layers and bob makes her look current. 

Aniston’s Friends character inspired Salena Gomez’s 2020 look. Her stylist says it was a recognition on social media with little Goldie Hawn

#4 Extensions

Nothing can beat extensions. The 2021 haircut styles’ list can’t end without this. 

It could be straight, curly, or some mixture of it; nothing goes out of style. One can keep it subtle and low-key or can style it to flaunt any occasion. 

It gives you the variety of options that feels so lucky to have it, plus it has no embracement of short hairs. For sure, these need to maintain extra efforts but are worth keeping. This year, if you have short hair, trying for an extension will bring an aha moment. 

#5 Pixie Cut

The pixie cut or cropped pixie cut was once the in-thing, and this year, it will be the trend. Simple, easy to maintain, easy to style, and fuss-free are the reason for which it is preferred. Being easy to maintain and easy styled, it costs less and styled easily in no time. 

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When you usually carry long hairs, it will require patience to wash, dry, and style it, which will be more breeze than long inches. 

It puts all the focus on your face and grabs the people’s attention. Anyone can rock the look without much of the fuss. 


Every new season comes with new styles. Past this pandemic had shown lots of dreary types. One of the reasons for this was, there was no place to flaunt those styles. Now, as we move forward to many new things, hairstyles are one of which is going to have a significant impact.

Saloons were shut down for like a year, and now it is time for the new trends. The new year should have a new mood, and hairstyles make a big deal to the way we look.

The mentioned haircut styles are the knocks to this year. They are apt for the new year to make a difference. The list comprises blunt bob, layered, long locks, and pixie cut. All these are for the one who likes to live with the trend. Brandishing the new style this year can indeed be the reason to change this year. 

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