7 Tools to Make You More Productive at the Office (3)

7 Tools to Make You More Productive at the Office

If you want to get the most out of your workday, it’s a good idea to have the essentials that lead to increased productivity. Certain items can make your day easier and help keep you focused on the tasks before you.


Plants probably aren’t the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about increasing your productivity. However, having a plant in your office is proven to help with creativity and productivity. You can choose a simply succulent that sits on a windowsill or a floor plant that will help enhance air quality. The splash of green from either one will work.

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You will likely find you also feel calmer when you have plants around your office.

A Calendar

Whether you choose an online calendar or a paper version that sits on your desk, you need a calendar to track your progress at work. Use it to write down appointments, meetings, and projects to be completed. You can also break large tasks into smaller parts and put each part’s deadline on your calendar. This helps keep you accountable for large jobs.

Calendars give you a place to store important dates and information so you can free your mind up to work on the task in front of you.


Outside noise is a huge distraction for most of us, so invest in a good office headset to take calls and log onto meetings. Headsets allow you to listen through headphones, and this means not being distracted by the sounds around you. They also come with microphones so you can speak to customers or clients without the need to hold a phone to your ear.

Since a headset leaves your hands free, you can type and take notes during your call with a client. This ensures you have the correct information when the call is over while still allowing you to give your attention to the person on the phone.

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The Right Mug

Staying hydrated is essential if you want to be productive, and the right mug can help you with this. Find a mug that will keep whatever you are drinking hot or cold so you don’t end up with a drink that is the wrong temperature. Cold coffee or tea when you want it warm means you have to waste time making another cup when you could be working.

Make sure you choose a mug that is the right size as well. You won’t have to constantly refill as often if you choose a mug that holds the amount you need at any given time.

A Standing Desk

Sitting all day is not ideal for our bodies, and a standing desk can help you deal with this problem. Standing desks are adjustable and allow you to choose how often you are sitting or standing throughout your workday. When your back or neck is aching from being sedate, you can simply give yourself an energy boost by moving your desk to the standing position. This will allow you to move more of your body and can energize you.

Blue Light Glasses

Staring at a computer for too long can cause eye strain, and this will result in you needing to take more frequent breaks. Invest in a pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes from the constant glare of screens.

Blue light glasses can help keep your sleep rhythms in sync by reducing your exposure to blue light. They may also keep headaches from eye strain at bay so you can stay on task while at the office.

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A Good Chair

Even if you have a standing desk, there are times you are going to want to sit down. When you do, make sure it’s in a chair that is comfortable and build to keep your body in a good position. You may be able to avoid back and neck pain if you choose a chair with an ergonomic design.

For those who need to move around their area often, choose a chair with wheels to make movement easier. Find an adjustable chair so it will work at any desk and for a person of any height.

Make sure your office is equipped to keep you productive all day long.

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