6 Things to know before updating WORDPRESS 5

6 Things to know before updating WORDPRESS 5 :

WordPress is a free open-source application by which we can Construct a lot of websites and publish new content. WordPress 5 is a modified category of WordPress. On 6th December 2019, the new WordPress version was realized. The editor of this version is Gutenberg. WordPress 5 has a lot of new features and a twenty nineteen theme. This version is very easy to use. You don’t have to change the sections of whole web pages of your post and the editor always customizes this. This modified version is very useful for developers and programmers. Multiple styles and designs can be added by the blocks.

Though this is an up-to-date update and has defaulted enough users are not comfortable with it. It is important to follow such a rule before updating. If you want to know about the most important thing which you have to do before updating to WordPress 5. use this link for the best WordPress website development agency

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Now we’re discussing the most crucial task which we should know before updating to WordPress.

1. Update plugins to their latest version:

Plugins are a very critical role in WordPress. So it is very important to update your plugins before update your WordPress. Plugin developers are making new updates of plugins as WordPress is updating which can fix bugs and internal errors. A few updates of plugins are realized with the launching of the new version of WordPress which is reconcilable with the new version.

2. Update your PHP version:

WordPress is generated by PHP which is a scripting language. PHP also powers all WordPress themes and plugins. It’s very crucial to use a modified version of PHP for expressing a bug-free WordPress system. WordPress and most plugins and themes need a minimum PHP of 5.6. It’s very important to use an updated and latest PHP because it can help your site to run faster and provide more security. The PHP 5.6 is a security liable version.

3. Which is more comfortable: classic WordPress editor or Gutenberg?

A large number of users like classic WordPress editors as it was. But some users like to experience more things so Gutenberg WordPress is for them as it takes much easier to control.

But there is a problem with a bug. For missing matching PHP and plugins, a lot of users are facing a problem of bugs so it’s important if you want to use the Gutenberg version that you must update plugins and PHP. But if it is still misbehaving you can simply switch to classic WordPress. After downloading the official WordPress Classic editor plugin version it’ll work out any problems about bugs that appeared for the Gutenberg version.

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4. Create a backup of your WordPress site :

Creating backups is always the best option. If you back up the system you don’t have to miss your previous things. So if you want to update your WordPress then you should be creating a backup before doing it. A popular and best-rated plugin is UpDraftPlus which is useful for backing up WordPress applications. You can be backing up your WordPress with it. UpDraftPlus is a premium version that has more choices.

5. Catching plugins:

Sometimes you may face a dispute and clash related to caching and performance about plugins. You may face a buggy problem which is not solved after using the classic WordPress editor. Sometimes you can face the problem of empty cache and minify all your JavaScript. But it’s all-time not a problem of bugs but may be an update of plugins.

6. Decide whether to stage the site:

Staging a site is a process in which you first make a copy of your site and modify the first one. Staging a site is a process in which you can create a site by using a site. In this process first, you have to copy your site and then have to modify that. In this process plugins will help you for staging a site therefore services will help you with the staged site of your servers. For these changes, your site will be different from the actual site and you can store it on your desktop. You can stage on different things:

Stage on a test server

Staging on a test server is a process of staging by which you can make a copy and it doesn’t reflect any on the real website. The new website is always hidden from the Public and engines.

Stage in plugins

One of the most useful staging app I’d WP staging which helps to stage your site. On your host, you can stage a site and the duplicate site is hidden from the public and doesn’t affect the real site.

Stage in desktop

Staging can be done on your desktop. Laravel and Laragon are free software in which you can stage your site.

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WordPress is an application that is used by a lot of people. A lot of users use it for a long time after updating. It’s not a big deal for them but for those who are new it may be quite difficult for them. But you can experience this one and follow the rules and use this link for the Android application development agency.  By this process, you may not be facing any problems.

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