Your Quick Guide to Styling Prints and Patterns

Your Quick Guide to Styling Prints and Patterns

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The ability to mix and match your entire wardrobe means that you get a lot more life out of your clothes. Additionally, the ability to pair patterns successfully can greatly expand your color options. To keep things as simple as possible, consider the tips below.

Stick With Classics

A pretty polka-dotted skirt is a statement all on its own. Once you have your base color decided, such as the background of your polka-dotted skirt, you can easily build new looks on top of the accent color in the dots.

A point to consider if you like to wear black and white: If your bottom garment features either black or white, you owe it to yourself to get a little radical when pairing up the other colors. Of course, if your base skirt is just black and white, your decisions on top can be pretty much unlimited. If you can pair your top with your shoes and bag, your outfit will still look polished and sharp.

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Keep One Area Simple

If you love a long, flowing skirt with lots of colors, consider one of the many solid color Foxcroft blouses for clarity and polish on top. A simple, polished, and low-maintenance top above a casual skirt or pair of capris or trousers can look both casual and sharp.

A low-maintenance wardrobe feature such as a crisp, collared, no-iron blouse will quickly become your go-to garment. Once you find one that fits, consider buying two, especially in classic colors, including black, white, and red.

Watch for Regular Vs. Irregular Patterns and Fabric Flow

In addition to polka dots, keep an eye out for orderly floral prints, stripes, or a definitely patterned paisley. A bright blouse with a very irregular pattern will look extremely tidy against a stripe or orderly floral pattern. Too much irregularity on both top and bottom can put you at risk of a rather messy, jangly look.

Take a tip from nature as well when pulling together unique colors and patterns. For example, all flowers go with greenery, and pretty much everything looks great under a blue sky. If you are interested in finding garments with a base color that is more interesting than black, white, or khaki, consider going a bit green!

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Do try to keep textures of a similar quality. If you love a crisp, cotton skirt or pair of capris, keep an eye out for shirts of a similar hand or crunchiness. For those who love to thrift shop and try new fabrics and colors, give the garment a good squeeze to see if the fabric holds the wrinkles or if crinkles fall out quickly. A crisp cotton will keep you cooler as temperatures climb and hold its own against a denim or canvas bottom. Similarly, a lovely and flowing silky skirt and shirt combination will feel wonderful from top to bottom and move well with you.

Large Vs. Small Prints

Let large prints stand on their own, particularly if the large pattern is featured on a smaller garment. If your bottom garment features a larger pattern, keep the top either solid or low contrast. Instead, try to make your simpler top garment more interesting with an accent, such as

  • a cuffed sleeve
  • buttons across the shoulders
  • a long necklace with lots of color
  • a stacked set of chains
  • dangly earrings

The key to putting together large and small prints is to maintain balance. If you have a trim pair of gingham checked capris, go ahead and top them with a bright floral blouse, but do try to match your shoes to your top for a nice balance between staid patterns and bright colors.

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If your outfit features lots of color, let your bag serve as a restful spot. A simple black bag will look wonderful against your full floral skirt and trim, colorful blouse. If you have a hard time finding colorful shoes, consider pairing your tidy canvas sneakers with bright laces or even socks to boost color on the bottom and balance out a terrific top.

Every step of building your fashion style can be made more interesting with simple, small additions. Look for items that go with what you already have in your closet, and be ready to try your newest piece with an old standard to build a completely new outfit.

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