Fabiflu –the top selling pharma brand for anti-Covid treatment

Favipiravir antiviral drug used for treating Covid-19 has become the top-selling pharma brand in the month of April which is the first time ever in the retail domestic market of India. This drug is marketed by a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Glenmark as Fabiflu and it has marked a remarkable sale of 352 crore in the month of April alone. 

Fabiflu is now the top-selling drugs for treating Covid-19 disease along with a health supplement Zincovit and pain-killer Dolo. 

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Fabiflu has made a recoded sale of 760 cr in the last 12 months 

In the last 12 months, Fabiflu has recorded a remarkable sale of rupees 762 cr which is much higher than anti-diabetic drug Glycomet –GP which has made a reported sale of rupees 564 cr. In the month of September 2020, Glennmark made its highest monthly sale of rupees 60 cr and thereafter it tapered off in line with the decrease of fresh Covid-19 cases. Again the sale witnessed an upswing graph in the month of March 2021 when the cases of Covid-19 started rising. 

Favipiravir which is named Fabiflu in India has shown promising results in various Countries Including Japan. The drug has now been used in India extensively as Covid-19 therapy across the country and so its sales have witnessed a massive surge in the second wave of Covid-19. 

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At present, more than 30 countries are now producing Favipiravir that include Cipla, Sun Pharma, Abbott, Alkem, Dr Reddy’s, Brinton, Hetero, Delcure, Strides Pharma etc. Glennmark has tweaked its production of Fabiflu in order to reduce the pill burden of hospitals and health care centers. 

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