How is the covid-19 pandemic affecting Industries?

As we know all, how the worldwide facing the pandemic due to

Covid – 19 (Corona-virus). It is like a health emergency in most countries and currently, we don’t have an answer to this virus, in terms of medicine or Anti-virus.

As the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as a “Pandemic” by looking at its effect and spreading rate.

This covid-19 pandemic changes the drastic lifestyle of many people and we learned a lot of things in life from this pandemic situation. Such as

To lead a good life, money is not everything

How wonderful to spend time with family and friends.

Each and every work we can do it by alternative ways

For e.g. school, work, learning, office, meeting, etc.

And it looks like this is the time taken by “Nature to Heal” itself from air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution, etc.

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Here we learned a lesson that health is most important in life other then, money, status, etc.

But when it comes to business and economy by looking at in bigger prospective, some of the area where this pandemic hits very hard such as

·       Health sector

·       Manufacturing sector,

·       Industries

·       Construction industries

·       Small business

The Economy of the country

In this present situation, the greatest challenges in a decade are the above sectors such as small scale industries and large scale industries, which the decline in their 20 to 25 percent in their respective business and some of the major area of effects are.

·         Growth and decline in each sector

·         Decline in sales

·         Decline in manufacturing

·         Decline in demands

·         Shortage of manpower

·         Shortage of sources due to the lockdown

What is our (AMS) contribution to this pandemic?

As the world is facing the most difficult face of decades, so here we should work together and help one another in every aspect. For e.g. in business by supporting one another as expertise in their respective field.

 About us: –

Advanced Micro Services Pvt Ltd. Bangalore, India (AMS Pvt. Ltd.)

Made By Anybody, Solutions by Us

Helping in Difficult Times of Machine Breakdown through RepairsReplacement & Retrofit Solutions for CNC, Process Control, Automation, Robotics, Marine Engineering, and medical electronics items etc.

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AS our tagline says “Helping in Difficult Times of Machine Breakdown” From our the side we are offering to our customer

·     offering a discount on Repair items

·       Offers in supply items

·       As we are the Retrofit experts we are ready to work on any project which does help in the business of respective businesses.

·       Offer some guidance for our customers in the maintenance of machines

·       Our Business service covers industries like CNC, Process Control, Automation, Robotics, and marine Engineering items etc.

 We are Expertise At

AMS is proud to be a one-stop repair solutions company that brings together a unique blend of services. We are a valued outsourcing service and repair partner for many OEMs and companies that require full-service electronic support solutions for legacy, out-of-warranty products, or end of life product support. Our expertise encompasses repair capabilities for a wide range of electronics devices and products. We also cover a broad spectrum of industries. Our dedicated staff ensures that our customers receive only the highest levels of quality service in analyzing, testing, and resolving electronic repair issues.

 How to fight this virus by following simple rules

·       Avoiding mass events

·       maintaining social distancing

·       Wearing compulsory masks

·       Managing airflow in our leaving areas (proper ventilations)

·       Increasing immunity by consuming healthy& immunity booster foods

·       Proper and compulsory exercise for a healthy body and mind to fight with any virus.

     Hoping soon the world will get a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus

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