Going to a Wedding

Going to a Wedding? Consider These 3 Gifts

Let’s be honest. Most people believe in the institution of marriage. The numbers show that in 2020 in the United State alone, there were a total of 1,267,877 weddings. Attending weddings can be a lot of fun, and when you receive a fancy “Save the Date” envelope, you’re excited to RSVP. Here’s the million-dollar question: What kind of gift will you be bringing the happy couple? Let our shopping experts be your guide.

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You Can Thank Macy’s

Did you ever wonder how folks began giving gifts to couples who said: “I do?”

Macy’s department store invented the gift registry in the 1920s, and that began the beautiful tradition. Back then, a gift of china, crystal, and silver was popular to present to the newlyweds.

These days, many of us go off the registry looking for an amazing gift that’s more personal in wowing the loved-up pair. Check out our gift ideas:

1. Irish Mohair Throw

Here is a unique and cozy gift that goes beyond the typical wedding registry item of plush bath towels and linen sets. An Irish mohair throw is a thoughtful gift for the newlyweds, and it adds refinement to any interior decor from the living room to the bedroom and can follow the pair on any journey they take.

The luxe fibers of mohair are durable, silky soft, and warm and have an heirloom quality about them. The premium yarn is made from the hair of the Angora goat.

Those from Ireland know all about the art of weaving, which has long been a tradition of The Emerald Isle with excellence in textile production. Authentic Irish mohair has been admired for many generations for its exceptional features, and natural and biodegradable fabric.

Some say that Irish Mohair “feels like a hug,” and what couple wouldn’t treasure such a lovely thought?

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2. Exquisite Bottle Of Spirits

Glassware for the happy pair is a classic wedding gift that often includes items such as an engraved whiskey decanter, fancy champagne flutes, a set of cocktail glasses, and traditional brandy snifters, shot glasses, etc.

You can take that sophistication a step further and gift the newlyweds with added refinement when you buy rare bourbon.

It is a gift that you know they will use and enjoy in the subtle nuances of a well-aged bourbon. It’s a wonderful surprise and delight for the couple to receive and an old-fashioned way of presenting a unique wedding gift to people that you love.

The beauty of bourbon has a long and interesting history, and in 1964, it was in the halls of Congress that bourbon was declared to be “America’s Native Spirit.” For a drink to be called bourbon, it must be made in the United States.

3. WiFi-Enabled Robotic Vacuum

This ain’t your grandmother’s old Hoover vacuum. Back in those days, these dirt-sucking machines were loud as heck, cumbersome and clumsy in trying to engineer corners and more.

Although the vacuum cleaner has never been a glamorous gift, it has placed front and center on many wedding gift registries for good reason. When a spill or accident happens, the vacuum is there to get rid of it fast.

Think of a sleek wifi-enabled robotic vacuum as a modern, utilitarian type of gift for the happy pair. It’s not something that will gather dust sitting in the closet.

This can-do-it-all gadget glides over carpet, hardwood floors, and tile sucking up all the dirt, dust, dander, and any pet hair that accumulates. Best of all, this futuristic vacuum and its app can tell you when to mop up for pollen and shedding season.

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It’s a high-tech vacuum equipped with smart sensors that fully automate cleaning, and you don’t have to lug it around to do its thing. Just place it down on the floor, turn it on and let ‘er rip. Then, sit back, sip some bourbon and relax. Cleaning never looked so easy.

Weddings can be a great institution, and we’re sure that you have attended at least a few of them. The happy couple in love cannot wait to see you on their special day. Make sure to give them a gift that is special, useful, and personal.

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