3 Budget Friendly Ways to Secure Your MacBook (1)

3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Secure Your MacBook

Most professionals turn their laptops to a mobile office as they usually have everything, from personal data to financial records. While MacBook computers are less vulnerable to security threats than other PCs, they are susceptible to attacks that can compromise your security and data. With their high price tags and lightweight profile, MacBook computers are also vulnerable to theft. Luckily, here are three simple, cost-effective, yet effective measures you can take to protect your investment, including the system, data, and the device itself.

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1. Keep your Operating system updated

Keeping the operating system updated is one of the greatest measures you can take to secure your MacBook. Cyber attackers target out-of-date software because they have tactics to detect security vulnerabilities that developers patch in up-to-date versions. Luckily, Apple releases new security updates regularly, especially when a new security threat gets detected. These updates often come in the form of a quick patch that needs a restart and brings you back to the frequently scheduled internet surfing within a short time.

However, the thought of restarting your laptop while you have opened several tabs in Safari can make you cancel the update, scheduling it for a later date. Apple bases its updates on known threats to the operating system, implying that there’s already a vulnerability circulating the web, which attackers can use to infect your computer with malware. Postponing the updates, even for an hour, leaves you unreasonably exposed to this malware. Thus, if you want to keep your MacBook secure, update your operating system whenever you get prompted to do so.

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2. Change the privacy and default security settings

Changing your laptop’s default and private settings is another cost-effective way to keep your investment protected. Your MacBook may have active settings that allow Apple and some apps to view and share your data, including device passwords, location services, app access to your calendars, contacts, and other personal data, and diagnostic and data-usage sharing. Luckily, your laptop comes with settings that can help you secure your data.

To access the security settings, go to the “Security & Privacy” feature in the “System Preferences”. Under the “General” icon, you will manage to set a password, stop automatic logins, and change the time needed for a password to get accepted after your laptop goes into sleep mode. Depending on the usage of your computer, you can need a password when you turn on your computer, when the computer wakes from sleep, and when you log in to an account. Having a password is among the cheapest and safest ways to secure your data.

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There are some privacy settings that you need to address. Under the “Privacy” tab, you will identify all the apps that can access your data, including contacts, calendars, and location. You will also notice if you have been sending your data usage information to Apple unknowingly by clicking the “Diagnostics & Usage” tab and deactivating the appropriate settings. If you work for a company, trying hosting Reviews about data security to keep everyone up to date on how to secure their computer. 

3. Protect your laptop from physical damage

MacBook computers are lightweight and small, meaning you can easily transport them. If you use your MacBook in a public space, securing the computer itself is essential to prevent theft and keep its finish intact. A laptop cable lock is the simplest way to protect your laptop. Although these locks, which you can find at any major computer outlet, are not foolproof, they can serve as an effective deterrent. Correspondingly, you can protect your MacBook from physical damage by purchasing leather MacBook cases. These cases, which you can buy at major leather outlets, are carefully hand-crafted with high-quality cowhide leather and soft wool lining to offer long-term protection for your MacBook. Besides, they come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and colors that suit your style.

Recently, cybercriminals have been targeting MacBook users. However, making simple changes like those outlined above can help you fully secure your data and MacBook from theft.

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Having a high-quality leather case that protects your MacBook without sacrificing your budget and style is probably the simplest, cost-effective way to keep your MacBook secure. Hand-crafted to snugly fit any Apple products, including MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro, these leather MacBook cases will keep your laptop looking good and functioning effectively, irrespective of what lands on it. 

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