Google’s new tools to make smarter travel plans

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Google has released some really surprising tools this year to help people make smarter travel plans. These tools has brought to us many new handy features like the recent COVID-19 information, helpful guides and destination ideas. 

Google will now display Covid-19 travel restrictions and advisories when you look out for flights, destinations, hotels and more. It provides information about Quarantine protocols and the mandatory Covid-19 test. It will display a toggle that users can switch on to receive direct emails which will notify them regarding change in restrictions country specific. 

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Google map now offers an explore function of flights which shows flight prices for various destinations. Users can refine the destinations as per their interest like skiing, beaches and more. It will only be a handy tool for the users who would like to know about flight price than distinct destinations. Even Google’s desktop map has also been fine-tuned for the road trips. Users can put their endpoint, starting points and then can add stop points along with the route like rest shops, hotels, parks restaurants etc. Users can send personalized directions to their mobile phones and also possess the ability to change the route.

What are the benefits associated with Google’s new release?

  • Always keep you up to date on travel guidance

When you need travel information like hotels, flights or things like that, searching through Google will let you know if there exists any Covid-19 related restrictions or travel advisories for your searched destination. 

  • Get helpful destination ideas when you are ready  to travel

When you are ready to travel again, it feels really exciting as you can explore a new place. Google flights fan is like an explore map that shows flight prices for various destination. You can receive all required information on when or where you are traveling. 

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  • Plan your road trip with ease

If you are planning a road trip, Google map can help you where to stop the way ahead of time. When you visit Google map on your desktop, make sure you enter your starting point and final destination and choose from different types of places where you would like to stop like parks, hotels, campgrounds and so on. Choose a specific location and add a stop. 

So, whatever your planning trip is, these tools will help you making the right travel decision with confidence. 

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