Last-minute preparation tips that will help you crack GATE Exam 2022

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the toughest selection tests. Students need to invest additional effort when attempting it. The aspirants who are showing up for the GATE need to have in-depth information on the GATE examination.

The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT-Kharagpur) is set to conduct the GATE 2022 Exam on February 6, 7, 13, 14.

Students who qualify for the GATE exam can get admission into PG and doctorate courses(ME/MTech and Ph.D.). Many PSU Organizations also consider the GATE score for recruitment.

With only a few months left before the Exam, it is time to adopt last-minute preparation tips to secure a place on the merit list. The syllabus exhibits significant change. This year, the GATE exam is being conducted for 29 subjects instead of 27.

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Know About the GATE Exam

The first thing to prepare for the GATE Exam 2022 is to start as early as possible. With this, you can plan your studies and also check which study material you will be needing. This will make sure that you have enough time to plan and study the topics present in the GATE 2022 Exam Syllabus.

Practice the Mock Tests

GATE Aspirants should solve mock tests according to the GATE exam pattern. One must become selective in terms of what to study during the final hours. By attempting online mock tests, you feel the same environment as the actual GATE exam. It will also give you an idea of how to manage your time in solving questions.

Know the Syllabus & Weightage of Each Subject

An effective study method to implement before the GATE Exam Preparation is to understand the topics with high marks weightage. By getting an idea about the weightage, candidates can focus on the topics which have more questions and distribute more marks in the question paper.

 Plan for group study

Group study helps you to discuss your doubts. It gives you a chance to interact and share your knowledge. If you have joined any coaching it will equally give you a chance for interaction and share your doubts. Group studies also provide the added motivation to put in the long hours required to crack exams successfully, as well as help learn from each other as we learn best when we also teach others. 

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Set your Goals

Set targets on a weekly/monthly basis, subsequently divide GATE exam topics into hard, moderate, and easy levels. This way you can deal with sizable targets and your confidence increases as you achieve small successes consistently. It is always good to have a goal to work towards, this helps us with detailed micro-level planning. 

Select Good study material & Previous year question paper

GATE Aspirants should focus on Reference Books, GATE previous year question papers, this will give that extra boost and will help the students to plan well for GATE exam preparation. These books are specially written for GATE aspirants by GATE toppers and hence are some of the best available resources for this examination. 

Focus on Key subjects

Focus more on General Aptitude Test and Engineering Mathematics as both the subjects hold high relevance in the GATE 2022. This can also be analyzed by looking at question papers from previous years. Find patterns of sub-topics that are the most important. This process helps in using your limited time judiciously. 

Revise and Practice in the last stage

Have enough time for revision during preparation for GATE Exam 2022. This will also provide a check on how many topics you have covered. Create notes using tools like mind maps which help you prioritize and revise the most critical questions.

Analyze Your Results with test series

Result Analysis, practice test series, and analyze your results. Analyzing this will help you learn your weak subjects and topics. It will help you know where you are lagging and also set the path for course correction. The analysis of test results should be treated as importantly as the rest of the practice. 

 Relax and Keep Confidence

Have confidence and keep yourself calm. A day before the exam, sit with your family, friends and relax. Indulge in activities that keep you in a positive state of mind while not taxing you too much. It has been predicted that having a positive atmosphere helps enormously in optimizing your performance on the day of the test.  

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Practice is the mantra for success. It will improve your time management technique. It will help you perform well in the upcoming GATE Exam. Additionally, it is also essential to optimize the time remaining and we help you with last-minute preparation tips for the GATE exam which are surely bound to help you feel at ease, well prepared, and confident to ace the most difficult exams. Study with us as our trainers from IIT/IISc use all their experience to create the most conducive environment for your success.

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