Formats in Resume Writing

Formats in Resume Writing

If you think that life would be easy after graduation, you are wrong about it. The first thing that comes into your mind is applying for a job. Just a reminder, there are hundreds of applicants that are fighting for one job position. Others came from other towns, have plenty of years of work experience, and did well during school days. And as for you, what will be your edge among them? Are your diploma, certificates, and confidence enough to seal the job title? To make it possible, you must first submit your resume. Without this document, you will never have the chance to show your capabilities and explain why you are deserving of that job. Besides, it is also one of the first required documents of the recruitment team. They need to see first and review your resume. If they find potentials in you, they will call and set an appointment for your interview. During the interview, you will notice that they are holding your resume while asking questions about you. The resume is their guide and reference to know if you can explain everything according to your resume. Resume Writing in UAE is the most reliable writing service. Some successful professionals consult writing services and were thankful for sending them to prestigious companies. To discuss further information about this topic, here is the resume format you should follow.

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1. Avoid confusing fonts.

A resume is a professional document that represents yourself. Choose an appropriate font that is clear and easy to read. You can use Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman. These three are the commonly used fonts in professional documents and another school-related assignments. A 10 to 12 font size is the ideal size to ensure that employers can read your resume. Keep everything consistent, especially the font and font sizes.

2. Listing in reverse chronological order. 

The recruitment team should see first your work history and your recent achievement. This format will help the recruitment team assumes that you know the necessary thing to do when writing documents. They can also see that everything is organized according to what it should be. Resume Writing in UAE never fails to impress employers. The resume writers know the format, and you can give your trust to them as they are one of the bridges to make their client’s dream career path happen. 

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3. Write in a concise way

Resumes should be brief and comprehensive. Explain everything clearly but briefly. Set boundaries to unrelated things and have room for essential information that could help you increase the chance of getting hired anytime soon. It helps the employers to pick out important details about you. 

4. Print it on white A4 paper 

If you are going to print your resume, put it on A4 paper. Print it on one side and do not fold it. Folding your resume and presenting it to the recruitment team is a major turn-off. Present a clean and decent resume. Resume Writing in UAE can give you both soft and hard copies of your resume. If you need to submit it online, they will send it to your email. If personal, they can print it for you. 

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