IELTS practice test

Everything you need to know about IELTS practice test modules, tips

Be clear in your objective. You can secure 9 Band in IELTS Academic Test. It would help if you answered questions of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing modules.

You require a quick presence of mind as you have stipulated time. Undergo right training through IELTS practice test if you want to be familiar with the Test basics. It helps every candidate with the test duration comprising 2.5-hour.

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Tips on how to crack IELTS practice test are

Before appearing for the IELTS exam, you need to take up an IELTS online practice test. If you want to secure an excellent band, you must start your preparation by solving many questions. The test helps you to:

* Understand the practice test format from scratch

* Experience different task types

* You need to test in different circumstances

* Review your answers along with comparing them with the model answers

At the same time, you can complete Listening, Reading and Writing IELTS free mock tests in a single day without taking any break.

Enlisted are the break-up of IELTS Test

Module                                Contents                                                                  Duration

Listening                               40 questions, 4 recordings                                  30 minutes  

Reading – Academic          40 questions, 3 long texts                                    60 minutes

Reading – General             40 ques, 2 short & 1 long text                            60 minutes

Writing – Academic           2 tasks each                                                             60 minutes

Writing – General               2 tasks each                                                             60 minutes

Speaking                               3 sections                                                                 11-14 mins

Listening module

It consists of recordings that are divided into four sections. Section 1 comprises two people conversing in a daily social environment. The conversation is on confirming reservation details or placing an order over the phone. In Section 2, there is a cross-exchange of ideas in the form of a monologue. It describes individual providing directions or, information of a particular event.

Likewise, four people are interacting with one another in section 3. The conversation is part of training or educational meet. You hear student and university tutor discuss a particular assignment with voices of other students heard in the background.

The toughest recording, however, is a professor speaking on a university lecture in Section 4. Every test taker has to answer the questions after hearing it through the audio. An individual can hear a recording only once. In a way, he can answer a particular question after getting a single chance. The fact of the matter is that he will be allotted 10 minutes to write his answers.

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Reading module

Based on your situation, you have to opt for academic and general training reading sections. You have to answer 40 questions based on 3 readings. Similar to the listening section, you are provided with an answer sheet. You have 60 minutes to write your answers and complete the reading section.

Unlike general training, academic reading is more challenging as the content is longer and taken from different sources. Each of them is appropriate for university-level individuals. Whereas, General training content represents an English-speaking environment.

It would help if you prepared with IELTS online practice test simulation for a high reading band score.

Writing module

Similar to reading, you have to clear the practice test of academic and general training writing module. Complete two writing tasks as you are allotted time of 60 minutes each.

In Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 you are presented with a table, graph, chart and told to summarise it in your own words. You have to explain data and explain the different process stages, how it works and describe the event or object.

Whereas in General Training Task 1, you are told to write a letter about a situation, information etc. Write the letter in a semi-formal, formal or personal way with 20 minutes each for Writing Task 1 – Academic and General Training.

Interestingly, you will be told to write an essay and explain your perspective within 40 minutes each. You need to clear both Academic and General Training Tasks. One of the IELTS exam preparation techniques is to improve writing skills and compare your essay with high-scoring ones. The essays have to be structured appropriately.

Speaking module

You have 11-14 minutes to complete three sections in the speaking test module. The overall test is different from other sections. At best, you will be interacting with the examiner in an interview like situation. Even though it is a computer-based test, the speaking section is conducted face to face with an examiner and is divided into three parts.


As a candidate, you can get evaluated after taking the online practice test. Get assessed as per the IELTS standards and get a detailed IELTS preparation online assessment with different tips. Each of these tips help you to improve. For more, feel free to speak to our IELTS tutors now.

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