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Six Apps To Practice English Speaking

Life has changed tremendously in the last 18 months! Today, we are more connected to our phones and screens than we could ever be pre-pandemic.

Since it gave us the time to build a virtual world with people worldwide, it was noted that learning English has become a necessity for all non-native speakers too! If English is not your first language, then the sheer number of phonics and the unique pronunciations of read, read, breed, bread, and other words could overwhelm you!

But now, your phone alone can become your English language tutor. You no longer need to call someone or pay a lot of dollars to find a tutor. Just simply download an authentic app, and you will be all good to go!

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Before we jump to the list of apps, let’s look at the benefits you can get from using an app to learn English instead of going to a language class.

Flexible Class Schedule

Your app runs on your clock instead of rushing you throughout the day. You can easily choose a time that works for you to start learning. You can practice during your commute to work or even a few minutes before sleeping. The choice is all yours.

Better Results

When the app is right in your pocket, you can keep following the pronunciations throughout the day. You can review and learn at your own convenience and thus learn quicker than your expectations.


Whether you are working wages or are struggling through college, getting expensive English language tuition would be out of your budget. You can easily download most of the mobile applications for free and start learning.

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Exciting and Fun

Most language learning platforms are based on fun and games. You can learn the language while playing. When you are busy watching Netflix, you can always take a break to practice a little grammar and accent to improve your pronunciations!

Fluent U

Fluent U is an exciting platform for all non-native language learners. It is an excellent app just like airg scam free apps and is available on iOS, Android, and even on web. With minimal charges between $20 to $30, you have the flexibility of improving your language skills to qualify for professional levels.

You get to watch many videos that introduce you to new vocabulary and explain the use of such words. Since it’s a visual app, it does not correct your pronunciations on the go. But it does help you understand the context of words and their changing meanings.


Duolingo answers every student’s prayers who is stuck learning English without knowing how to navigate it. Available on Web, Android, and iOS, the app is ideal for beginners.

Their cute birdy helps you feel at home and makes learning fun. Since it has speaking exercises, it changes the way you speak and helps you understand multiple elements involved in a conversation.

Quiz Your English

While we’re still discussing students, one cannot forget the trouble of second language English speakers. Designed by Cambridge Assessment English, the app divides language learning into levels that target a specific skill. It is ideal for IELTS students and also those individuals planning to appear for B2 level assessments.

It has a fun and games approach that helps you get away from the nervousness of speaking a new language. A group of people can play the game in order to learn the language together!


Beelingu is a language-speaking app that helps you through stories. With its karaoke-style algorithm, this app helps you learn how to pronounce and apply words in different situations. Once you read a story in English, you can then read it in your native language to understand its technicalities.

The read-along is fun because it helps build your knowledge about English stories from basic childhood tales like Goldilocks and Rapunzel.

6000 Words

Vocabulary plays a critical role in learning a language. You can easily build up your vocabulary and speaking skills in the English language with the help of 6000 Words.

The app has decks of images divided into various categories that help you develop a linguistic understanding of terms like utensils used in the kitchen, stationery used in the office, or different equipment used for sports. The app helps you gain confidence in your ability to speak English, and that’s all that matters!

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The British Council

You cannot learn to speak a language comfortably until you know its grammar. This is why learning English on the British Council’s international app can make things a lot easier for you.

Starting from the beginning, the app helps you learn basic tenses, takes you through the types of sentences, and gradually increases the questions’ complexity. You can keep testing your skills as you go up and enjoy your progress without the hassle of scheduled lessons from another teacher.

Final Thoughts

Practise is the greatest method to learn a new language like English. Without fear of making a mistake, you must begin speaking the new language. Discovering new words and phrases has never been easier!

Confidence is the key, and it can take you far and beyond your expectations!

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