Top 10 features of a society management software that MC/RWA find the most useful

Being on the managing committee of a housing society is hard work. To residents, managing committee members (MCs) may seem like just strict, authoritarian rule enforcers, much like school principals do to students. But they’re the cogs that keep the wheels turning in every housing society, making sure buildings are maintained, supervising staff and security, and keeping track of collections, spending and other finances.

The often-thankless job is tedious to say the least. However, the innovative housing society software now available makes it a lot easier. The various features take away the pain of all the manual paperwork involved in society matters. Society management software such as MyGate are providing managing committee members with the tools to effectively handle the entire community, with thousands of residents, through an easy-to-use app.    


  1. Visitor management facilitates smooth entries at the gate

Through visitor management features, entry at the gate is made easier for guests, guards as well as the residents. With a passcode system, access into the society is only permitted to authorised visitors, aiding MCs’ efforts to encourage security and only verified individuals within the walls of the community compound. Even unexpected visitors can be verified with ease with a notification sent to the respective resident for entry approval. Another big advantage: there is no need for the manual filling in of a register – something which is tedious for guests and can be easily filled in wrong information by unauthorized individuals.  

  1. Parking issue problem are easily resolved

In case a car is parked in the wrong spot or blocking the exit of another vehicle, the vehicle number can be entered into the app to pull up the contact details of the owner. The owner can then be contacted immediately to move his car or bike and the issue is resolved in no time.

  1. Ability to bill society charges to residents

Through society management software, admins can raise the invoices for the required society charges to all flats within the community. They are also able to set up criteria for these bills according to parameters such as flat size or usage.

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  1. Ease of getting society payments

Through the same software, managing committee members can also collect and track payments by residents online. With easy-to-use interfaces and secure transactions gateways, residents often find payment through community management apps extremely convenient which, in turn, leads to more timely payments to the society. Residents are also offered several payment options: credit or debit card, net banking, UPI, and even e-wallets, making society maintenance payments seamless.

  1. Payment reminders to residents

With some society management software, the society committee can automate the process of sending residents periodic payment reminders to ensure that dues are paid on time.

  1. Helpdesk management in real-time

For problems within the community, whether it’s about a plumbing complaint, medical emergency, or security issue, it’s always important to get timely assistance. Apps that offer society management features often make it easy to assign tasks for complaints made or assistance requested. Through the app, it is easy for the managing committee to manage the task and track its progress. Residents, in turn, can be given updates in real time, helping them plan better for their issue.  

  1. Booking amenities

This feature allows admin to up the security in the clubhouse areas, ensuring that all usage is authorised and by residents and their guests only. Residents can have the option of booking certain amenities, which is especially useful for high-demand areas such as squash courts. Through the app, admins can also analyse usage trends, which can aid with future rules around the amenities as well which areas are worth expanding and which are not in demand.  

  1. Communication with residents

Society management software makes it easy for committee members to speak to their residents – all through the app. Whether it is official notifications and updates, feedback and discussions or the planning of events, different features allow the smooth flow and categorization of all communication for easy, productive interaction. 

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  1. Managing deliveries

With the delivery management feature, residents can manage their own scheduled deliveries of packages and food parcels through the app. So, even if the resident is not at home at the time to receive the package, they can instruct the security guard to collect it through the app and pick it up later when it is convenient. This means direct communication from residents to guards for every package, large or small, without the need to involve committee members.   

  1. Alerts for visitors who overstay

Delivery persons or service staff who stay longer than needed in the community can be tracked and questioned with software management apps. An alert is raised to the security guard after a certain amount of time in case a visitor such as a delivery person or service individual has overstayed their time limit, increasing security within the community.  

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